Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being kiasu and perfectionist is bad combination. I know that I am feeling stressed out of nothing and for nothing but I can't help it. I think it is just my personality that once I am doing something, I want to make sure that it is well done and possibly to achieve some results (eg. awards, competitions, publications, etc). I do not want to put in effort for something only for the sake of doing something. Bleah..

At work, I am the representative for medication safety and customer service. Thanks to my kiasu and perfectionist nature, even though it is never stated, I take every matters pertaining to medication safety and customer service as my "responsibility". When something goes wrong, I take it as my personal failure. This makes me very stressed. You know, with an average of 600 patients in a day, there are tonnes of opportunities for complaints. Assuming an average of 5 items per patient, there is 3000 possibilities of medication errors which could happen. Sigh.. To make things worst, both of these are audit-able and audits are making me more stressed.

Sigh.. starting with the good news, it seems that my branch passed the customer service audit: both the mystery shopper and phone audits with 98% and 94%. Wow.. That simply exceeded my expectations. Okay here comes with the next string of bad news. Firstly, my branch is no longer the least for the number of dispensing errors. Sigh.. I know with 3000 opportunities to make mistake in a day, it will be impossible to get 0 error. Thus my aim is to make sure that we make the least as compared to others. Bah! Secondly, even though not the lowest, my branch fared quite miserably in terms of customer feedback forms. My branch has 11 as compared to 99 for the top scorer. Faints.. I honestly hated soliciting feedback!!

The jackpot was: a complaint via a feedback form. Okay, that is the worst nightmare not only for me but for all. Honestly, I am not so anal about customer service because it is really not easy to be positive all the time when you face hundreds of negative people everyday. It is always a matter of bad luck for you to get a complaint. Ironically, those who are perpetually rude never get complained. It is always the nicer people who got complained when they had a bad day.

I personally got my very first complaint within my first week of work. Lol.. Lucky it was only verbal complaint. It was because of me sounding irritated and rude. Well, the couple should blame themselves for not being able to speak English! Hello, this is Singapore! So yup, I am quite alright if the complaint is about "sounding rude etc". But when I watched the video of this complaint incident, I could not really fault the person who wrote in. My staff actually "threw" the medicines on the table. Wah piang.. Still, I think my poor staff is just unlucky to get an unreasonable person. From the feedback, I think the person was already biased against foreigners so I think that was actually the root cause of the complaint. Oh well..

Now I still have a medication safety initiative to think about. Again, this project is actually not mine. BUT, as the name contains "medication safety", it is like "by default" falls under my responsibility as the medication safety champion. T_T God save me!

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