Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can't stand idiots

Okay I missed the once-in-a-century 12/12/12 to write a post here. I had the intention to do so but I was too tired last night. I met 2 friends with an initial plan to have the buy-1-get-1 Starbucks promotion. In the end, we only had dinner. Oh well, friends are more important than free Starbucks k! Lol.

I am going home soon and I desperately want Saturday to quickly come. I am getting edgy lately with the various things which happen in my life. Firstly is a follow-up of my damaged Squall & Bahamut statue. I sort of "won" the Paypal dispute but I was asked to ship the items back. Of course I made noise about this, why should I be paying for sender's mistake to improperly pack the items! The reply I received was laughable: Paypal thinks it is fair for both party to "waste" money for the shipping o_0 What kind of logic is that?

Anyway I don't know who the people are at Paypal office but I think they should hire people who can write decent and understandable English. I got another reply from a Paypal staff who "sensed my unhappiness": Paypal would be sharing the shipping back cost with me. What the heck does "sharing" mean? I asked about that and another person replied me "You need to send us the receipt of the shipping back fee so that we can share the cost with you. I hope this explains". What the.. I asked what "sharing" means and the reply I got was "sharing means sharing". Bleah.. Anyway, they informed me for this one time courtesy, they will be reimbursing the shipping back fee. Wow..

Sounds good eh? But wait.. my concern does not end there. I asked them for the name of the addressee as they only gave me the address. Sigh.. I also asked them what happened if lets say the dishonest SMJ decided to refuse to accept or refuse to pay taxes for the items which I shipped back. The reply is this cryptic message:
"Beside the postage fees, after you shipback the item to seller and seller was receive the item or other issue like custom fees, damage, refuse by seller. We'll follow our buyer protection policy monitor for you.
For your information, on your shipback item issue we are given 10 days for you to shipback the item is mean the deadline is fall on 21 Dec 2012.
For the shipback information has been provided at our previous email dated on 11 Dec 2012."

Fuck it lah! Fed up to keep asking explanation for their dumb replies. Anyway they did not grant me time extension and I will not be able to meet their 21 Dec 2012 deadline (that's the end of the world anyway!). I will be away! Damn.. I told them I request to send the package after new year to prevent customs delay to minimise risk of the parcel goes missing or damaged bla bla bla. What to do since that is being ignored. Oh well. Since it is almost new year, I think I will just let it go la.. I will consider the money wasted as "throwing away my bad luck". At least I get all the 5 statues and can stop looking for them online! Oh wait, I forgot to mention that Paypal again informed me the addresse WITHOUT the recepient name. Facepalm! How do they expect me to ship something this expensive to an address but without a named recepient?

There was actually another Squall & Bahamut statue which went on sale last week. I bought it (through another middleman service) but it arrived with damaged gunblade. The middleman informed me about the damage and I asked him to return it. Really bad luck T_T I don't know how much money I wasted for that.. The damage was again at the gunblade but it broke to 5 pieces. Bleah.. the one I am currently having broke into 3 pieces and it was already impossibly difficult to fix. With 5 damaged pieces, this one will be a goner.
I apologise if I sound so anal for my posts below. Before I start working, I do not believe in discrimination based on education level. Yes, I was so idealistic that I thought nobody was born stupid. It is just a matter of being smart or less smart. "Less smart" is not the same as "stupid". I always believe that when it comes to work, attitude is more important than qualifications bla bla bla. I am utterly wrong. There is a reason why some people can go to university and some cannot. The reason is that some are smart and some are dumb. They are dumb because they have poor attitude: lazy, no work attitude, and childish just to name a few. But if I am in a bitchy mood like today, I am sorry but to label them idiots.

If you do not like to do something, please say no and I will not force you. If you do not say no, even if you give me black face and make noise behind me (I still can hear you), I will still take it as a yes. Yup, some people have no balls and can only use their mouth for a useless thing: bitching. Hello.. bitching does not solve anything. If right from the start you do not want to be involved in the project, why did you not tell my boss? Scared? Yeah.. Why don't you say it now? It is not too late for me to help you to tell the boss and I won't disturb you anymore. Scared? Yeah.. Then shut up and do it.

Best quote that I heard was "If I get that kind of pay then I do not mind doing this thing lor". Fine, I challenge you, I give you my pay, can you even do my work? Go sit down there, go "diagnose" and "recommend medications", go crack your brain for ideas for new projects and to write reports, bla bla bla.. For fuck's sake, you don't even have the bloody qualifications! Think before you open your filthy mouth! I told you from the start to give ideas because we were stuck. You are too stupid to give any ideas so the best you can do is to carry out other people's dumb ideas. It is as simple as that. If you do not want to do and cannot give idea, then please quit the job, thank you very much. That is working life. I don't condemn people who boast. But people who boast about things they cannot even do? That is laughable!

Even though in my whole life I have more girls than guys to interact with, one thing that I really cannot stand about girls is that they always take everything to heart. Jeez.. I am not sexist but to me, work is work and personal life is personal life. Girls cannot separate the two. If you do a mistake, I can scold you for the mistake but I am not scolding you or your personality. If your ego is bruised because of that, that is your fucking problem. My problem is with your work, not with you. But if my problem is with your work attitude, it is as good as my problem with you. But still work is work.. I can scold you for one second but after I am done talking about the mistake, I can still treat you as before I am scolding you. If you are offended because of me scolding you for the mistake, that's your fucking problem for not able to separate professional and personal life.

And I don't know why for these "lowly educated" people it is damn bloody hard to admit a mistake and say sorry. Jeez.. everybody does mistake. When one does a mistake, one must say sorry, admit his/her mistake, learn from it, and get over it. That is the correct way. When you deny or even try to point fingers, that will only make things worse. Again, I am telling off your MISTAKE, I am not telling YOU off. There is a difference. When you start to argue, it will turn the affair into I am telling YOU off.

I know recently you have been complaining about work. If you feel that you are alone being hardworking and your friends are slacking, then tell THEM off. Unfortunately, girls unable to separate the two. So you don't dare to tell them off and suffer alone. Whose fault? Yours.. You even entertain your friends who are slacking. That's too bad.. And what's worse: you vent it at me. Sorry, you've got the wrong dude. I, too, hate most of you. For 9 months I had suffered. I do most of the work while all of you happily congregating and chit chatting. So now after I am able to sit inside, are you jealous? Do you expect me to do your work while all of you happily congregating? Go eat shit man! Go tell your friends to work hard and I too will come out and help out. I am done having myself exploited.

Bleah.. I am still pissed. It is not my nature to hold back anger and my mouth.

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