Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I always wonder why old people still wake up so early even though they are no longer working. Now I know the answer! It is not easy to get rid of habits formed form decades of working. Jeez.. I have only worked for less than 2 years and I can get rid of the bad habits from working live. Grr.. For the past 3 days, I always woke up so early.. Previously, it was the norm to wake up at 9 or 10 when I was at home for holidays. In addition, despite my regular instant noodle breakfast, I feel hungry at 10-11am and then I would have a late lunch. Even in the evening, it is almost impossible to stay away beyond 1am. Bleah.. For goodness sake!! It's holidays, man!!

2 weeks is a short period of time. Sad.. I will not have enough time to do what I want to do. Currently I am still in the midst of reading mangas while at the same time listening to music from the various J-Pop concert vcds I own. It is interesting to note how my interest (read: the ways I waste money) has shifted from years to years. In my early days, I used to buy J Pop concert vcds. I stopped at 2005 with Ayumi Hamasaki 2005 Concert Arena concert. Then Gundam model kits caught my interest followed by Final Fantasy Play Arts Figures. After started working, now I am eyeing at expensive resin figures.. Bleah..

My recent interest is in movie books which was started by Harry Potter books. I bought the making of Marvel Avengers movie although I have not read it yet. I already flipped through it but I am somehow disappointed with the lack of commentaries. I recently ordered the Art of the Rise of the Guardians. Yup, the cartoon is a nice holiday movie for 2012 and it rekindles the child in me. I hope the book is nice. I don't know what's the problem with this book. It has always been out of stock in Amazon. I wanted to buy it from Kinokuniya during the Christmas sale but it was out of stock after the sale period started. Grr.. I ordered it from Book Depository so I hope there is no problem. This marks my first time using Book Depository too.

Anyway, books issue aside, I have watched Tackey & Tsubasa [Hatachi] de Debut Giant Hits Concert with all Johnny's Jr (2002), V6 Live Arena Tour 2002 Feel Your Breeze "one" summer, and V6 Summer Special Dream Live 2003. I am glad that after close to 10 years, the discs are still playing find. With all the HD video quality nowadays, VCD qualities from a decade ago look so amateurish :p Haha.. Anyway, it is quite something to see how these idols have aged haha.. It is especially interesting to see the big names like Yamapi, Ryo Nishikido, Toma Ikuta, and Kat-tun when they were still Johnny Jrs a decade ago. I had no idea who the heck they were a decade ago as internet was not an in thing during that period and information on Japanese idols are not so easily obtained like nowadays. Watching these "old" shows makes me interested to get at least one new Johnny's concert vcd/dvd. I think it will be cool to see how things have changed within a decade. Perhaps I should get one of Hey!Say!JUMP's SUMMARY show. And with all these boybands, I am also interested to get AKB48's concert vcd/dvd!! I am pretty sure that these girls can put kick-ass shows too. Hmm.. time to find one particularly before Acchan's graduation.

I have 5 more titles which I hope I can watch before the holiday is over: Ayumi Hamasaki Concert Tour 2000, Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2005 -My Story-, SPEED Live 2003 Save the Children, w-inds "Prime of Life" Tour 2004, and Kinki Kids Dome Concert F ~Fun Fan Forever~ (2003). I think I never watched the last 2 haha.. I bought them simply because I would like to know whether Kinki Kids and w-inds were good. SPEED was also not so memorable to me. Oh well, maybe I remember those which I owned the cassettes.

I actually would like to re-read Rurouni Kenshin manga (thanks to the live action!), still have about 4 Gundam kits to make, as well as to re-enjoy all my anime books and take good photos of them. Looks like I really have no time :(

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