Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hello, Hello! And Merry Christmas :)

For this year's Christmas, my mum's family had a reunion because my uncle, who is now staying at New Zealand, is in Jakarta. Certain things just do not change even with time. I have difficulties mingling around with cousins from my mum's family. Bleah.. No problem with the uncles and aunties though. This is kinda ironic because age-wise, I should be closer to my cousins leh!! Haha..

One thing I note is that for those who spent time away from home for their universities tend to look for jobs which allow them to stay at home while for those who spent time at home for their universities tend to get jobs which are away from home. Okay, I am an exceptionally sad case as I was away for studies and am away for work. Bleah.. Well, I have resigned to the way of life which God wants me to do.. Anyway, today I am a proud owner of Galaxy Note. During the phototaking before we left, everyone wanted to take pictures with their cameras/phones and the poor photographers had to squeeze into a corner to capture everyone. When it was my phone's turn, he exclaimed: "Wah! This is a cool wide screen!". Yay.. Beat all the iPhones and Blackberries out there. Lmao.

It is not an exaggeration to label Mariah Carey as the Queen of Christmas songs. I went to a few different malls and her music was always played everywhere to the point where it gets sickening to hear her voice. Haha.. Well, I guess she is still the awesome one because people don't really enjoy her duet with Justin Bieber. The original All I Want For Christmas Is You remains the most played Christmas song.

Nothing special here.. Just that this is an 2012 performance.

Time to sleep early today. Haha.. I celebrated Christmas by eating Tiramisu and drinking Sake at midnight yesterday. The tiramisu was damn good that it kept me awake until like 3 am.. Lol.. Damn shagged now.

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