Saturday, November 10, 2012

First public talk

Today is another milestone for me: I did my first public talk :) The audience was about 15 people from the Care Managers Support Group. Well 15 is not a big number so it is not really "public" per se. I am glad that it turned out better than what I expected. I am happy to find that these people voluntarily signed up and thus were genuinely interested in learning more. Some of them even took down notes and I find that to be amazing o_0 They also asked relevant questions. The best part is of course they all understand English. If only majority of people behave this way.. or I wonder whether these people are usually in their best behaviour when they were down in the pharmacy too.

Actually this morning I woke up with sore throat and runny nose. I thought it was the usual "morning runny nose" so I did not take runny nose medication. My nose was still runny even at work so I decided to buy and take medicine. I guess it was worth it. The nurses told me that generally the feedback was good and the audience learnt new useful things. In addition, the nurses requested for my slides and said that they alse learnt something new. Hearing these positive feedback is very very encouraging :)

It was not perfect as someone actually fell asleep and snored pretty loudly. It could be quite discouraging actually.. but perhaps the topics were too "cheem". During the Q&A, the snoring guy actually asked questions so I think he came for a purpose. Perhaps he was too tired or I was too boring that he fell asleep.

It seems that I slowly get an idea on what I like to do.. I like to teach and share knowledge with other people, I like to collaborate and work with other departments, and I have a bit of liking for projects. The big question is: what's next?

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