Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"Babies" is a hot topic at my work place recently as my boss just delivered her second child last Friday. One of my colleagues randomly asked me about my future family plans. She asked me what age I am planning to get married. I told her 25. The second question obviously would be how old I am this year. I told her I am 25. LMAO. It is always my childhood dream to get married at 25 and to have 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) by the time my wife is 30 years old. We should do it fast and close the factory and then focus on raising kids. Lol.. Of course dream is always contrary to reality. I am nowhere near to marriage as I am still single. And I don't plan to start a family before I can afford a house.. So yah.. long way to go.

Today I visited my boss. Her first child is about 2 years old and she is already very active: running around and making incorrigible noises, exactly the same as my landlord's grandchild who often spends time in my house. Woah.. Looks like I gotta think twice of my plan. I cannot imagine having 4 rascals running around noisily..

"Babies" is also a hot topic in Singapore due to the mixed up case in KKH. You know, it is human nature to always blame others when a mistake happen. How about we think the other way around for once? If parents cannot even recognise (or check) their own babies, how do they expect strangers to do so? Especially since these strangers deal with many similar-looking newborns day in day out.. Haiz.. Seriously.. people should stop complaining and start thinking whether they are playing their part. It is similar with medications. Many people cannot be bothered about their own medications, do not want to listen to counselling, do not even want to verify whether they are given the correct ones. But when something goes wrong, they blame others for not checking properly.. Hello, if you yourself are not bothered about your own health and medications, how do you expect strangers, who handle the same medications thousands of times day in day out to different people, to be bothered about you?

And time indeed flies. I knew that I started blogging in November a few years ago but I did not expect that my first post was on 20th November 2006. That means that today is the 6th birthday of my blog. Wow.. I certainly never expect that I will last this long. Thank goodness that I still blog until now.. And I am glad that my intention has never changed all these years. Blogging is like writing a digital diary to me and I don't expect that other people will read. Of course I am glad that sometimes I receive comments from readers. But I never wish to have people following the blog or making this blog "big" or "famous". And I also do not want to reveal my identity here because internet is an unsafe place. So pardon me if sometimes my posts can be "cryptic". One thing which I always wish to do but I have never done: to re-read my blog from the beginning. It will be interesting to see what my life was like back then, to see whether my English has improved (I find that my initial posts are insulting to English language), to see whether my writing style has changed, etc. Hmm..

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