Monday, October 1, 2012

You are so ridiculous!

You are "I". I am so upset with myself and I wish that I can shake my shoulders and slap my face to bring myself into reality. I am delusional.. I am hallucinating.. My priorities are upside down. It was so hard for me to come into a decision to fly back home for a 2-day holiday because of cost issues. $200 seems so much for that and yet I can spend thousands of dollars for toys and action figures. Seriously.. what's fucking wrong with me!!

Sigh.. A bit emo again as another Rinoa-Siren statue was sold for 500 over dollars :( I decided to forgo the damaged Squall-Bahamut statue as it was somewhere near 200. Grrrah.. Anyway, I have found new targets: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar Eternal Blue Complete collectors' edition. These 2 are my favourite RPGs after Final Fantasy VIII. I still remembered when I was a kid, my mum had a business trip to Singapore and I asked her to help me buy one of them in Singapore (at that time, all games were pirated ones in Indonesia). Obviously my mum did not buy for me because the price was sooo ridiculous as compared to the pirated games. Oh well =x and now I am supposed to pay even more!! Haha..

I have won the Lunar Silver Star Story Complete from eBay and purchased the game guide (by Working Designs!) from Amazon. Still waiting for the same things on the Eternal Blue. Will take photos and show off when the time comes.

As promised, I would share about what happened with my Zell, Irvine & Diablos statue. It actually arrived damaged :( Lucky it was insured although the claiming process was rather hellish thanks to the inefficient postal services. However, I am glad that the seller is being very helpful and accomodating. I am glad that in the end the insurance will refund in full. So basically I get that statue for free. I don't know whether I should be happy to get it for free or I should be sad because a limited and out-of-production rare item is damaged =x Oh wells..

The damage may seem "small" or even invisible unless someone scrutinise the statue with a microscope. But still, for collectors, it is a heartache to see a masterpiece goes wasted!

Broken horn
Irvine's broken rifle
Irvine's broken rifle

Difficult to see in photos but the tip is actually an exposed metal wire skeleton. I know about the metal wire skeleton because I have damaged Seifer with exposed metal wire skeleton.


nosajj said...

You know that latest link you posted about another Seifer getting sold? He also listed a Rinoa for $299 bidding and it ended with zero bids. It ended around the same time as the one sold for $500+. He's relisted it at the same price now but added a BUYITNOW price ($399 I think). Wonder why bidded on this one and jumped on the other one.

darkrose said...

I'm not to keen on that Rinoa because it is damaged and without the serial card.

For a damaged statue, I am not willing to pay >$200. Over the weekend, there was one damaged squall sold for $160+. Decided not to bid on that because I think the winner may be willing to pay up to $200 for that. I won the damaged seifer also for $120+.

I know damaged leviathan or diablos may fetch $500+ due to their rarity. And to be honest, I think these 2 are the best out of the whole set :)