Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little things in life

I am a bit bogged down with work lately. It seems that my luck is terrible that everytime I do closing shift, it will always end pretty late. Last Monday was my worst record with knock off time at 1815 :( But one small thing brightened me up as I was leaving my workplace. It was the black cat near the main gate. I randomly made meowing sound because I knew the cat would ignore anyway. It didn't!! It meowed at me back :) Hehe.. Then it looked at me when I looked at it. It meowed again and followed me to the bus stop.. Haha.. I normally don't really like cat. But it seems that I am too lonely and even a small caring gesture from the cat made me happy. The cat has a necklace with a pendant so I think it belonged to someone.. Did it get dumped? Or did it lose its way home? Sigh..

Anyway, I was a bit sad when I could not find it on Tuesday morning before work.. But today I am glad to see it again!! Hehe.. Although I am happy to see it, I really hope that it is not being dumped or anything. I don't want to see it run over by bus or something leh :( Sigh.. It is so cute that I feel like keeping it.. But I know I will be a sucky pet keeper :( People may think black cat is a bad luck or something but I really think that this black cat is cute. Haha.. I am pathetic to get a respite from an animal.

My friend posted something interesting (and very funny) on facebook. He likened healthcare workers to prostitutes. We are fully aware of the risk but we still jump to the profession to get verbal or even physical abuse daily for the sake of better pay. Another friend replied that even prostitutes have better pay and have better control over working hours. Haha.. I think they just had a bad day at work. But it is not only funny but also true :)

Tomorrow I am going home for a short break. Yup it is against my principle to go home for 3 days (I usually even consider 1 week as too short). But oh well, I have too many toys to bring home.. And I had been eyeing this period since 2 months ago when I knew I would be off this Saturday. Despite making decision rather late (only about 3 weeks ago), I still managed to find reasonable airfare so I guess that was a sign that I should just take a break!

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