Sunday, October 21, 2012

Too early for Christmas...

Sexy Zone released their 3rd single "Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu" on the 3rd October. As peculiar as the snow in summer (as the title), it is peculiar to release a summer song in late autumn. It becomes even weirder after listening to the song: it is a Christmas song!! Yup.. A few months too early. The song itself is not very catchy or memorable. I don't think I will like it if it is not without the Christmassy feeling. Looks like it is a trend for their song to always have people speaking in the song, which I find irritating. Thank goodness they keep on the trend to let people have their solo lines instead of singing together throughout the song. The video clip itself is quite nice but it adds on another dimension of peculiarity of the song as it features all the 4 seasons. I am very confused haha..

Live version! The solo parts need more pitch control but the parts sung together sounds good for a live performance.

The other songs in the single are much better than the previous 2 singles. In fact, "Kimi no tame boku ga iru" was introduced a few months earlier and I think is even better than the Sexy Summer. The other song is also pretty nice but I will not talk about it because the Youtube video had been made private so I can't share it here.

"Gingham Check" is AKB48's first single after departure of Atsuko Maeda. Hmm.. on the first glimpse, my eyes opened big big.. I was like how come AKB48 is also singing Gangnam Check?? Haha.. Too much Gangnam Style.. Anyway, I like this song better than their previous single Manatsu no Sounds Good. And as usual, the PV is not uploaded by the official AKB48 channel yet so I will just share the live performance. Kinda sad to see Acchan watching her friends performance. She looked sad :( Haiz.. She should not have left!! And nothing beats girls in dresses :)

Anyway, the video clip is still something like Manatsu no Sounds Good which I don't like. There are a few plots: the police vs robbers, the street gang fights, the ghost story, and the Godzilla, which I don't think quite make sense. Bleah.. they should stick to the straight forward cutesy type of PVs bah..

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