Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling nostalgic

I just went out for dinner with a few Indonesian friends who are in Singapore for holidays plus some who are already here to work. We are junior and senior high school friends although it does not necessarily mean that we used to be friends when we were in junior and senior high school. Haha.. Anyway spending time together was like a time machine which brought us momentarily back to our glorious junior and senior high school times. The times when we were still young, childish, crazy, and etc. Lol I usually show some inhibition when going out in public but today I think I went a bit loud and crazy, just like how I used to be many years ago.

I feel a bit emo now.. Again I think that I was capable of enjoying a more fruitful friendship and social network if I never left for Singapore :( Look at me now: I am just a bitter and antisocial guy. I am too lazy to make friends as for the past 10 years, never once I felt that I ever met someone who I can consider as friends. I don't think it is because of me being negative or what. After all, I had a good life previously. And I am always open for new friendship etc.

Truthfully, among the people whom I hang out with today, only 1 is a close friend of mine. Sometimes friendship is magical. We were classmates in year 1 of junior high school but we only became close when we were in neighbouring class in the following year. Fast forward a few years, I left for Singapore and she moved to Korea. Despite so much separation, everything just goes naturally when we meet, as if we just see each other the day before. I am not close to another friend (who is working here now) but I *think* we were classmates in year 2 of junior high school. The other one is actually my close friend's friend. My friend only knew her when they were classmates in senior high school. By then, I was already in exile. I only came to know her after that. And today she was also with her younger brother who is studying in US. He is also a bit crazy type and that's why we all could mix well even though it was our first time meeting him.

So yea, the problem is not with me :(

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