Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shopping spreee....

Wooohooo... today was a crazy but fun day for me.. I left my place at 130 for my dental appointment. It was over at about 3pm and my shopping began! Lol.. It ended (eh just talked about starting and now I am talking about ending already??) at about 9pm since my legs just could not take it anymore. Sigh.. How am I gonna survive travelling in Korea then? Lol.. Body tired as long as face still can smile and look good in photos will be ok haha...

My agenda for my shopping today was actually to exchange money for my trip, to get souvenir at chinatown, and lastly to get a red or white vest. This vest thing is really a headache. Bleah.. As much as I hate the idea of wearing red and white to support a country (which is not even my own -_-), I still need to look presentable. Bah.. I don't usually like to wear red and thus I don't want to buy a red shirt specially for this occasion -_-. A vest would have more purpose.. I am more inclined to get a red colour one since I can pair it with my white shirts. Lol.. I am so fat and I hate wearing white.. Cannot let people see my layers of fats.. I am not very inclined to get white because firstly it will get dirty quite easily and secondly, it's so weird to pair white with white.. I don't see a reason of wearing a vest + shirt in super hot singapore lol.. But for my privace when wearing white colour, a bit of discomfort shall be tolerated. Haha..

Anyway, I failed my mission. Haha.. It was hard enough to find shops selling vest.. And even when there are, the colours were either black, grey, and white (only 1 shop had white). So oh well, I guess I shall just wear my Prince of Tennis cap as my white..

Ignore the faces and look at the clothes! Lol. I find some have quite.. err.. disturbing faces haha.. Dunno why Johnny's Entertainment suddenly take these people LOL..

How can these people have so varied red vest and white apparels while I cannot even find a bloody one!! Aargh..

Within 6 hours, I am proud to be able to visit: Wisma Atria, Takashimaya, The Heeren, Cathay Cineleisure, Somerset 313, Centrepoint, OG Orchard, Bugis Street, OG Bugis, Iluma, Bugis Junction, People's Park, OG Chinatown, and one mall at Chinatown that I don't know the name. 14 Malls in total.. WOW!! Haha..  I am disappointed in the Bugis Street thing. I thought that should be the hippiest and cool places for the young.. Still, I found no vest.. I also saw nothing special about the clothes there.. Oh well, perhaps male clothes are just boring..

So in the end, what I got is a green sleeveless top. Lol.. It's from Bossini again. Haha.. It's a new item.. Looks like my prayer for a sleevelss top has been answered.. Now the question is: should I buy an extra? Oh ya, I just discover a cool shop that I would like to recommend: Uniqlo.The shop is huge, it has a very wide range of items, the prices are okay, and the best is there is no shopkeeper 'disturbing' you. Lol.. Can always find them if we need help but otherwise, they won't come to disturb. Haha.. I almost tempted to get a singlet there.. but I decided not to since the colours were ugly lol.. If there was a green, I would definitely buy.. And anyway, at that point of time, my mind was still fixed on vests ma haha..

I feel so broke now.. Spent almost $700 within half a day T_T even though $600+ was for exchange to Korean Won. Lol.. Chinatown really has a good bargain on foreign exchange as well as souvenirs. Lol.. 12 keychains for $10. Wow wow wow.. Even those souvenir shop at Thailand wanted US$ for their keychains.. What a rip off.. Haha.. Surprisingly, there are some money changers at orchard which offered a pretty good rates too.. One was at Wisma Atria! Isn't that very surprising??

Last thing I wanna talk about is FOOD! Yeah.. I had dinner at Empire State (top level of Iluma). It was FANTASTIC!! There are so many food I would like to try like the super jumbo burger (I decided not to try since it costs $29.90), a 12inches hotdog (I decided not to try because description mentions that it comes with a lot of fries and I just recovered from sore throat), squid ink pasta (I decided not to because I wanted something more meaty). My choice fell on a sliced beef sandwich.. Reason: it was cheap! Haha.. $7.90 only.. half price of the rest.. Then I can get a side dish lol.. So yah, seeing the price, I was ready to see a McD or BK-sized burger. But lo and behold, the sandwich size was very huge! The beef slice was also good. Haha.. Anyway I felt like eating a steak anyway.. But chotto matte, the highlight is the side dish that I ordered: Cheese Stick. In the menu, it is labeled as "Sinful". And it is damn bloody sinful!! It is basically a spring roll with cheese inside.. Ok to make it sounds more appealing: it's cheese being wrapped and fried. It comes with a CHEESE dip sauce!! Omg omg omg.. So cheesy!! Haha... When it first came, the cheese was still soft soft so woah... really really great.. I took about 1 hour to complete. Haha a bit hard cos I just had my braces tightened. lol.. Was very sick fo the cheese especially the last 2 pieces because the cheese inside already hardned. Buy hey, I still recommend this!! Lol.. Now 2 cheese is already this sinful.. I wonder how the 4 cheese pasta will taste!! Omg omg omg I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Soft Shell Crab Tsukemen

It is unlike me to take picture of food when I go to restaurant. But for this exceptional dish, I was being exceptional. Lol.. I am quite adventurous when it comes to food. When I go to a restaurant, I would order something unusual or something whose names are unique. This meal is called "Tsukemen". Basically it is just a noodle dish whose soup/broth is in separate bowl. So dip the noodle to the sauce and eat it (of course if you want to be "traditional", just pour the soup to the noodle but that defeats the purpose of buying this rite?).

So what makes this thing very unique to me? Firstly, its name. Haha.. I actually never come across the name and hence the food. When food came, I found the broth to look and smell very... INDESCRIBABLE. Lol.. That's the word I shall use. I tasted the soup and the taste was also INDESCRIBABLE. Haha.. I could not tell it was good or not because this was my virgin experience tasting and smelling something like that. Wow.. So I was quite excited..

After some time being undecided, my final verdict is: the food is good and I love it! Lol.. The soup was a bit salty and the crab was a bit meatless though. But other than that, it was a good meal.

I shall reserve this post just to talk about this good food. Lol.. For trivia, tsukemen sounds very similar to ikemen. And what does ikemen mean? It means good-looking or handsome man. Hmm.. No wonder I am attracted to this good food. Ikemen eats tsukemen LOL...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bruised ego...

The e-mail about FYP came and it was horrifying that the sender arranged the recipient names based on their brain power. At one side, I feel irritated because now like many will know that I am not that stupid after all.. There goes my secret.. Haiz.. I hate being mediocre.. I rather people think that I am stupid (well my attitude towards study does make show that I am the studious type haha..). Anyways, I am very very sad to find out that I am not somewhere at the top. Looks like really I am just going and more and more stupid =( Gone are the days when I was number 1 or 2 in the class... gone are the days when I got A's all the way... Sad...

Yesterday's work was another big blow for me. I was sort of getting complaints with my cue. Oh well, it was my fault actually but how am I supposed to know about things when I was not told before hand? I hate it when there is no guidelines whatsoever and I am told to be flexible, use your own discretion bla bla bla.. The truth is different people work differently. And for that I don't take any complain. Some people will want every little things to be mentioned. For me, I wanna say as little as possible. Those info I think 'not important' I will not say and I will not know whether these 'not important' things should be said or not. Sigh..

I am a perfectionist and I hate to do mistake. One thing I hate more is to get complaints for "mistakes" which are because I am not told before hand.. Bah.. that's the suckiness of working world. Some seniors and superiors are just too big-headed.. They forget how it feels when they were still a blur newbies bla bla bla.. Seeing my work ethics, looks like I will definitely go retail. There is nobody to keep an eye for me for what I do. Yes my job will require many things which will be "up to my own discretion" and for that, I will be happy to work alone..

Perhaps I need to learn to be more humble... and to take things less personally... Emoo...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Being frugal has its own downsides. I think when I see things that I like, I should just buy more than what I need at that point of time. Otherwise, it is hard for me to get these items the next time I need it. Or worse, if these items are no longer available.

With the weather growing hotter and hotter, I am looking for singlets as my pyjamas. I have one that I bought from Bossini quite a few years back. Its dry fit material is cooling and airy. It is not like the FBT material which I hate because I feel that it sticks to my body and makes me sweat even more rather than preventing me from sweating. Last time I only bought 1 because it was about $15 I think.. And few years ago, the weather was not too bad that I need to wear singlets. Haiz.. So yeah, even though there is a sports sale at Taka B1, I still cannot get any nice singlet. Darn..

I am still furious with my missing umbrella. Again, those shops which used to sell the foldable umbrellas are not selling anymore!! I don't understand why :( It's a lucrative business selling umbrella here. Sigh.. There goes my nice green umbrella. Oh well, I got a $5 umbrella from Giant and I hope it will last for quite sometime.. Even if it has a short life, at least do not disappoint me by being spoilt during heavy rain or something.

However, my biggest shock was that my dentist no longer brought in the interdental brush which I currently used. AAARGH!!! I really should have stocked up on lots and lots of the refills! Sigh.. The new one that is available is so short.. How can I reach the teeth at the back? Haiz.. I just replaced by ortho brush with the 'newer' version also and it kinda suck. The brush is kinda short so I doubt it really cleans the teeth properly. Sigh.. Sigh.. I really should have bought really really a lot!! The old ones were better and cheaper.. Oh well, I guess I was not expecting that I would wear the braces for this long anyway!

Talking about other stuff now. Haha.. At Taka B2 toy fair, there is $8 Dumbo plushie. The face is not bad. But it is skinny!! Ah it does not suit the image of an elephant at all!! Emo-ness ensues... I love my Dumbo plushie so much sigh.. Cannot help to feel angry at my mum again.. Fuck.. And at the Gundam booth, I was quite surprised to see models from Gundam Wing being sold at 30+ bucks. Looks like Bandai is re-producing the old models again. Haha.. What a great temptation. Hmm since my toy cabinet can no longer accomodate any new robots and since I cannot remember what I have and what I don't, I was not too interested. Haha.. But I am still wishing for the $80 Gundam Wing Zero Custom model.. the big one.. (grr... I cannot even recall the scale!! Looks like I have been out of touch with my hobby).

Lastly, I would like to talk about sports! Yeah.. The World Cup is getting more interesting hehe.. I am a fan (but not a very big fan) of England. I am glad that England went through. Haha.. But to be honest, for World Cup, I am always siding with the underdogs or the teams which have never won before. That's why this World Cup is very interesting.. Germany and England were in the verge of not being able to go through the next round. Then there was the French team saga, the ousted French and Italian teams, and the success of Japan and South Korea to go to the final 16. Haha.. Of course the highlight of all is the 7-0 trashing of North Korea by Portugal. Lol.. I was expecting that North Korea could make a miracle but it was not the case. Poor thing la the players.. I read an article that they might be faced with harsh punishment for shaming the countries (Ironically, the dear leader Kim Jong Il decided to allow live airing of that match lol..). Another interesting thing was an article that suggested England was cursed when they were up against Algeria. Haha.. There was this black bird perching at the Algerian goal net through out the match. Lol.. That was what a witch doctor said.

Then let's go to Wimbledon.. I was stunned to hear a match that ended with 70 - 68 for the tie-break. The match lasted for 3 days (of course not 3x24hours because the match had to stop after the sun went down).. anyway officially it lasted for 11hours plus). Bravos to the two players: John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Will be quite sad for the loser but I guess both of them etched their name in history.. Even if they cannot be like Nadal or Federer to collect so many trophies, they can be proud for the longest match ever in history :) I doubt that Nadal or Federer will be able to have a match that long too haha.. Seriously, fighting a match for 3 days.. it must take a lot of physical and mental strength.. I doubt that Isner would be able to win the next round though haha.. Must be burnt out already.. But let's see how.. Perhaps he will make another history to win ??

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Haiz I felt very bad today.. I was a given a chance to help 2 people but what I gave to them was disservice =(

After my work, a boy came to me to report that his iPhone was missing. I would naturally thought that it would be on the floor. So when I could not find it on the floor, I just told him that I could not find it =X I even suggested him to check his bag or check with his friends first (maybe someone was playing pranks on him). Bah.. Lucky he came back again and when his friend called to his phone, the whole seat he was sitting on vibrated. I could only feel the vibration but I still could not see the phone. A friend of mine somehow managed to squeeze his finger and grab the phone from some hidden space in the chair (I was still clueless about where exactly the phone was stuck). Ah good thing that the phone was found.. I just felt bad :'( If I were the guy, I would be cursing already.. Oh well, lessons learnt: a missing phone may not mean on the floor, it may mean to be stuck somewhere in between the chairs..

In less than an hour after that, I gave someone a wrong 'help' too. Haiz.. At arts bus stop, a guy was going to business. He asked me whether there would still be buses and for how long.. Since he seemed to be rushing, I told him it would be quicker if he just walked since it would only take him about 10 mins. And guess what, in less than 5 minutes later, the bloody bus already came!! I saw him struggling with his jumbo double bass climbing up the slope to business.. Aaaargh..

I am gonna get my portions of bad karma for what I have failed to do today T_T

Monday, June 21, 2010


Aaaah it feels sooo good to be in T-shirts, shorts, and slippers again. It's great to be free from those shirt, pants, tie, and working shoes.. I suddenly feel young again! Haha.. It's "officially" my first day of holiday. I just submitted my preceptorship report which I did not even bother to check for any grammatical or typo errors. Haha.. Just glad to be over and free again.

I just went to McD for lunch since I have been aiming to get the green colour World Cup contoured glass since last week. Haha.. I decided to take C to explore Engineering Faculty. Woah.. It's a giant maze to me. And for those complaining that Science is confusing and has many staircases, then I urge you to visit Engineering. It is super confusing with the lack of sign boards and to make things worse, the number of steps is just crazy!! Near the E1A block, I had to climb a very TAAAAALL staircase (too tired to even bother to count how many steps!). Nearly fainted even before climbing it haha.. No wonder engineers have fitter bodies than the scientists.. The amount of exercise they need to do just to reach their classrooms and LTs is already that mad lol.. Anyway that spot is actually good for orientation games. Lol.. Can bully juniors to climb up and then down haha...

While on the topic of orientation games, there are many orientation camps going on. Aah.. seeing these people, I am very envious.. I suddenly feel daaamn old :( I wish I still am able to join such things.. But oh well, my clock has passed the time for those.. I hate growing up to be honest!! I just wanna stay young forever and ever.. Working life sucks.. There is no point of living long just to get diseases.. If I have the choice, I wish to die NOW.. I guess I have enjoyed my life thoroughly.. Even though I am not married or having a family yet, I don't think I lose anything.. I am not interested in such things :p

Ah before I am going even more emo, let's just talk about food. I feel like vomitting after eating an upsized double quarter pounder meal. Gosh.. I was just discussing with my friend to have a meat buffet this coming week. Now I am thinking twice.. I doubt I can make my $40 worthwhile if I could not even finish a McD meal.. Aaah.. Why is my stomach shrinking while my subcutaneous layer is getting thicker daily?? How is it possible -_- zz...

That's all from me right now.. If I don't feel tired, maybe I shall write down about some game reviews haha.. But tomorrow onwards, at least I will start taking up duties at UCC again. At least I have something (beneficial) to kill time :D

But really, it is very sad to think how fast time passes. By this time next year, I would be in the workforce and that makes me officially an adult. Sigh.. I really don't want to grow up just yet... =X

Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of 6 weeks

OMG THANK GOD THAT IT'S OVER!!! I am so traumatised and I feel so lucky that I am stuck with a bitch as my "mentor". She hardly teaches me or guides me... Nothing good ever came out of her mouth.. Nobody likes her in her workplace. Basically she just makes everyone's lives hellish!

I am so pissed with her today. Though I am glad that I managed to leave at 4+, I was so pissed that she kept disappearing and I waited for her anxiously because I still needed her damn signature.. Anyway, she was being super duper anal even up to the end. She refused to sign my attendance at the days when she was off!! OMG! Like it makes so much a big deal for her... Uurgh... In addition, she was being such an ass when reviewing my SOAP. She kept complaining things like "I am sure the past med history is incomplete", "How come patient got this and that but no medicine for this and that", "How come the doctor never order any lipid panel even though she got diabetes", "this BMI 45 is just ridiculous.. I am sure it is measured wrongly". Hueks.. I really could not take it.. I just copied pasted everything from case notes and if she feels that she is damn smart, she should just prove it.. I never see her do any intervention anyway.. Talk big only.. What a fucker..

I just heard another story that make me even puke with the thought of her. When my other friend was attached with her, apparently one of the technicians poked herself while preparing cytotoxic preparations.. And guess what, while everyone was panicking to send her to A&E, the bitch was more concerned about knowing how the accident happened and some documents were needed before sending her to A&E bla bla bla.. Totally bitch.. The bleeding finger should be something to ring an alarm for anyone NORMAL.. it's cytotoxic stuff somemore.. 

Oh well, I think seriously, people should learn to complain and let the bitch be laid off.. What is the point of keeping 1 bitch but having people in and out every few months? Clearly the source of the problem is not the stress or the workload, it's the bitch!!

Okay enough about the bitch.. Maybe thanks to her, I am now even more sure to go to retail next time. Haha.. I am just being lazy.. I don't wanna work hard.. But laziness aside, I feel that hospital environment is just too constricting.. Anything must check with doctor.. what pharmacists do is only checking this and checking that... To me, the only irreplacable role of pharmacists is just regarding the CDs and that's it.. Too bad, I don't think this is the kind of job that will give me satisfaction for a long term job.. But to be honest, I did consider of going hospital next year LOL.. The fact that I got consider means there is like 10% liking towards it I suppose hahaha... But highly unlikely ba...

Well I am just glad that it is over.. Perhaps this is my bad karma.. Before this whole thing started, I always hoped to get the hospital of my choice.. I was always saying that as long as I can sleep the most (shortest travelling time), I don't care even if I get shit. Lol.. What I got is even worse than shit!! Oh well I cannot be lucky all the time I guess.. I hope this 6 weeks of penance can pay back all the bad karmas I incurred. Haha..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A group of five medical students take on the task of conveying the "voices of the dead." Kaji Daiki fails to get into a popular heart surgery seminar but is somehow accepted into a seminar on forensic pathology. When he approaches professor Sagawa and asks him why he ended up in the seminar, Sagawa challenges him by asking why he wants to study heart surgery. Daiki replies that medicine is meaningless after the heart stops, but Sagawa counters that medicine also applies to the dead. And so, together with fellow students Ryosuke, Kanako, Teppei and Akira, Daiki begins to explore the mysteries of death.

My opinion:
It is unexpectedly "good" for me. I have never seen or been interested in medical-related shows so this is my first time. I kinda expecting something more clinical and scientific. And this series is a deviation from my expections, for good and for bad. The good side is: there is a lot of human drama. I love to watch shows that make me cry and the first few episodes were just wow. I think I cried even more bitterly than the actors/actresses haha.. The human drama part is very very good, although unfortunately in the last few episodes, it deteriorates. The death scenes are not that graphic and bloody so I guess the medical part is not really the focus after all. The bad side: I did not expect that the "conveying the message of the death" would be that of CSI stuff. Doctors going to the place where the accident/death occurs to find clues bla bla bla? Meh meh... it's just inconceivable in real life..

The series also touch on various medical issues such as euthanasia and medical malpractice. I also learn few things about autopsy (like the procedures) and medical conditions such as Crushing Syndrome and Munchausen Syndrome. They are real!! Lol.. Crushing syndrome is when there is a damage to muscles and there is release of potassium which results in heart problems and death. Munchausen Syndrome is when people are faking medical conditions to attract people's attention.. There is even Munchausen Syndrome by proxy!! Lol.. I also learn how useful autopsy can be although the results sometimes can be distorted. No wonder everytime there is a mysterious death in Hollywood, they would always do autopsy (even though it means cutting up the body). It sounds cruel to cut the dead but hey sometimes it is a must to find out anything weird or unusual about someone's death.

Some things are pretty interesting too like people can actually survive a few hours after an electocution before finally die because of arrhtyhmias and heart failure and edema becomes undetected after someone dies (real or not I'm not sure leh!!) haha.. Some things are questionable for example: how can 4th year medical students to not know about anaphylaxis??

Another thing I would like to commend is about the twists presented in the story. It makes the sad part even sadder (and make I tear even more T_T). However, this is not my favourite as it scores quite low in terms of "replayability" factor. I seriously don't think I would rewatch this show haha.. unless for the few episodes which are very good for emo materials (to help me cry). The story and character development are also not that satisfactory to me. Seriously, what is the conclusion/ending of the story? Unsure..

My afterthoughts:
This show just proves another point why I am not suited to work in a hospital. My threshold to pain and suffering is just terribly low. I honestly was quite nauseated from the first episode when they did the autopsy. Firstly, they open the body from the neck to the navel. Then they measure the cutaneous fat thickness. Then they will check the ribs, CUT the ribs, then feel/touch the organs, remove organs if necessary for some chemical tests bla bla bla.. These things are only described in words (not in graphics) and I was already so much sickened imagining this stuff.. How can I survive to see the real thing?? I will faint daily if I work in a hospital ba..

Pharmacists are depicted in bad light (again!). Bleah, it's a common thing in US show so I was very surprised to see the episode when a pharmacy student stole penicillin from his school to induce colitis to her sister. I seriously have no idea what's the problem with pharmacy that it is always depicted in negative lights in TV shows. Haha.. But to be honest, I think it's time for the profession to find out where its place in the medical settings. Afterall, it cannot be a coincidence that it is always portrayed badly. There must be something very very wrong..

And I guess I will just stick to school life drama xD.. This one doesn't work quite right for me haha.. even though I am interested to watch mainly because of the actors. I admit that I had good crying sessions.. but overall the series did not leave me with a good impression LOL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Most people would be happy for next week to come. It's the last week of preceptorship afterall. But ironically, I feel sad and I don't want next week to come.. I will be back to the place I loathe. Sigh.. I had so much fun learning experience this week and I am very sad for it to be over. 

To be honest, I am jealous with my friends who got these nice preceptors. Not only that they are nice, they are also willing to teach, share their knowledge, and most importantly there are 2 ways of learning. They are willing to know what we are taught at school and thus any discrepancy can be ironed out. If not because of this positive learning experience, up to now I still won't know that Sulphasalazine is actually NOT an antibiotic. I am sure everyone thinks it is because it is in the antibiotic notes.

I got opportunities to dispense without feeling scared or pressurised. Another good thing. Ya I know knowledge and confidence should come together. But at times, I guess it's okay to be able to dispense without knowing things that I won't say to patients anyway. In this sense, I am also glad..

Haiz.. basically I feel that I am being taken good care of for this week. I am tired with the workload but I am satisfied because the time and energy was well spent. Better than feeling tired and burnt out..

And yay blogger finally has new template designs.. Lol.. It's been my wish to have a black background.. And what can I ask for more? Not only I am given a black background, I am also given a rosy background! Haha.. can totally fit into my theme :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gakko ja Oshierarenai!

Mai Aida is a woman in her third year as an english teacher at a private all-girls high school. Due to declining enrollment, the school decides to admit its first batch of male students. Those five freshmen initially feel they're in paradise, but the concerned Mai tries to help them adjust by creating a social dance club and inviting five girls. Those ten students become the focus of the drama, which is described as a story of love and adolescence.

My opinion:
The synopsis suggests that this would be another school comedy dorama. Of course the elements of love, teacher-student relationship, problem with discipline master, unreasonable schoolmates, making a new club and performing for school cultural festival are already "integral" parts of Japanese school dorama. But if it is just like that, why would I watch? Lol.. I am already telling myself that I will not watch anymore sports+school+comedy-themed stories. It gets boring haha..

Oh well, the first reason I got interested to watch this was because of Kyoko Fukada. Haha.. few years back (when I was introduced to J-doramas for the first time) she was still young and mostly play teenage characters. Time passes and now she is at an age to play as a teacher already. Lol so I gave it a try and I was very shocked to find that this is not a normal school comedy drama. It explores themes which are taboo but then are very relevant in today's teenagers' life.

The first episode was about masturbation (I am not joking!). The second was about underage sex (the students depicted were barely 16 in the story). The third was about teenage pregnancy and abortion (though I don't know whether the girl did the abortion or not.. or perhaps the girl was not pregnant at all). The fourth was about suicide thoughts. Perhaps the first few episodes are just to generate all the buzz and it will die down after that? Well no.. After that, came the theme of homosexuality (both lesbian and gay!! including a boy-boy and a girl-girl kisses OMG!).

Another aspect that makes this story appealing to me is the "background" of the story. Aida-sensei created the social dance club to cater for the girls ostracised in the school: an obsessive compulsive girl who is crazy about cleanliness and thus does not come into close contact with others, a typical bimbo who has a long history of boyfriends and does not hesisate to steal others' boyfriends, a shy girl who suffers quietly in her clique just for the sake of not being alone even though she is always bullied by her clique, a girl expelled from track&field team because she didn't listen to the coach, and a girl who gets all rumours from a senior (a lesbian) whose love she rejected. Though it doesn't make sense for the school to take in 5 male students just to couple them with these 5 girls right? But anyway, the teacher does this because of her own paiful experience: how she was all alone and ostracised in her school life and thus she doesn't want her students to experience similar pain.

My afterthoughts:
This is perhaps my second or third show which confirms my sentiment that girls suck! Well, "suck" in terms of being bitch and cliquish etc. Lol that is the sentiment I got in JC. Guys are usually cool to mix around with anyone. It is always the girls who create cliques. I guess it is true everywhere. Haha.. I have not been in an all-girl school so I don't know how painful it is to be in one. But for sure, I know the pain of being alone or ostracised. Well, being alone and ostracised in a class is terrible enough, but for being alone and ostracised by the whole schooL?? That's unimaginable.. Anyways, I guess the way the characters being depicted are quite true. These ostracised people will appear strong and defiant in front of their bitchy peers but they actually hide things deep in their hearts.. things like repressed violence, suicide tendency, emo-ness etc. But honestly, I doubt whether friendship can grow as simple as like that: put people who are ostracised together in one room and after sometime they will be good friends etc..

The ending also sets apart this series from other school comedy doramas. Instead of heralding endless friendship and happines bla bla bla, it actually explores the theme about growing up, making tough decisions, and reality that there are times to say goodbye. That's what real life: you can be good and best friends but once you graduate, everyone will go their own way. Similarly, sometimes you have to choose whether you wanna stick with your friends forever or you just have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your personal goals. And to me that's what friendship is. It is okay to keep in touch like few times in months or something even if you are no longer being together. It is bullshit to equate friendship to do things together etc etc. It is the sad truth here (in Singapore) haha.. When still in the same class or something, can do everything everyday together kind.. Once change school, totally no contact whatsoever. Wew.. I left my friends in Indonesia for like 6years already but when we have the chance to meet and talk, we will never run out of things to share. Well, perhaps that is also why I feel very lonely here. I am not getting the kind of friendship I am expecting :p

And this show also makes me realise that parenting is not an easy job. Just imagine the various things that teens go through. Perhaps I can understand why sometimes my parents can be anal. But oh well, there is a "side story" regarding parent-daughter relationship in this show and I share the same sentiment with the daughter. I am pissed with my parents to be honest. What they care is just about their "name", their image, bla bla bla... Too bad, I just cannot follow their ego forever. I am a being on my own so please do not use me as your ambassador or your advertisement or your whatever to boost your popularity rating. As a child, it can be frustrating for people to compare me with my parents bla bla bla..

In all, I don't think the series is very fantastic. It is so-so at best in many aspects. The dancing performance was not all fantastic, the acting is quite akward, the comedy is corny rather than funny at most times, the actors and actresses are not that goodlooking, and I absolutely don't buy the idea of "love conquers all" thingy. Perhaps it is because I can relate to the antisocial theme that makes the series bearable to me. Afterall, I am an antisocial ^^ And I think I am just lonely with all the fake friendships I have around me right now. Haha..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fainted for the 3rd time...

Exam results were out and as usual I am disappointed. I didn't expect my PK to get A so it was a good surprise. Unfortunately, I didn't expect to do that badly for Anal and Pharmacotherapy. So ya.. ended up my CAP took another plunge. At this rate, I would be very borderline to 4.5 in 2 semesters time. I guess this is my limit and I should not overwork myself anymore. I felt a bit down and was thinking of not doing FYP haha.. I initially had the thought that people would just use FYP as a mean to axe down the borderline cases from getting first class.. But I had a senior (not from Pharmacy unfortunately) who got an A- even though she got 2nd upper eventually.. Then another good news was that another senior (in Pharmacy) got an A- for her FYP. Considering the horror stories she shared about her FYP, to get an A- had to be very very good. But I don't know whether she is a borderline case.. If she is a borderline case, then she is just a perfect encouragement for me. Borderline CAP + A- for i-feel-hopeless-for-FYP kind but managed to get 1st class. Haha.. Oh well actually it does not really matter for me to get what class. It is just that I don't want to waste effort lets say I do FYP even though no hope to get 1st class.. or just because of FYP my hardwork for 4years go to a waste..

Well enough about school stuff, I had more things burdening my mind. Good thing one was already solved yesterday: my prescriptions and drug info were signed already :) Hehe.. Another thing is about Korea which has not confirmed my payment for APPS. Sigh.. I am kinda desperate for this.. But then I really cannot do anything other than emailing them and receiving no reply.. Lastly, I have problems with my parents again. They do not approve me of staying at a girl's house at Korea. Sigh.. I really have got nothing to say. The girl has been my best friend since like ages ago (even before both of us went to study at different countries) and it would be like staying in the same house, not in the same room.. What's the big deal? Oh well, I don't know but I guess I don't care and would rebel against my parents this time.. They don't know what I will do in Korea anyway..

I have another bad news.. I fainted again today.. To make matters worse, I fainted during ward rounds, in front of patient. Sigh.. I am really worried because I don't know why.. The last times I fainted, I knew it was because of blood donation (hypotension) and because I skipped breakfast. But lately my meals were okay. And after fainting today, the nurse immediately did a finger prick and my reading was 4.7.. So it was not hypoglycemia.. My friend suggested the air was poor because the fan was off and the curtains around the bed was drawn (it was wound patient). Perhaps it was hypotension? I don't know.. What scared me most was that it took me quite sometime to recover.. Even after I got up and sat on a chair, I still saw stars.. Even after a glass of milo was prepared, I could not even see the glass T_T And worst is, I feel something funny on my head now.. I feel like a 'pressure' but not really a pressure like headache kind.. It feels like I am growing horn (one at each side) and something like that. Oh well, I just feel lousy..

Well I guess that's it, hospital is just not my place.. Perhaps I was disturbed with what I saw today.. It was not the wound that really grossed me out.. I was just disturbed to see people in pain. Before fainting, I saw another elderly patient with pressure ulcers. She was so thin, unimaginably thin. I really don't understand how can someone be that thin :( This is Singapore after all, not some starving African country or something.. Oh well.. The other patient (who saw me fainted) looked well, strong, and healthy. In fact he was ready to be discharged and could walk without pain despite the wound in the abdomen. But the moment the nurse wanted to touch the wound to check, he was writhing and spasming in pain.. I guess that really exceeded my treshold..

Aaah my head still feels weird.. I should see doctor if it is still like that tomorrow morning :(