Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007... Hello 2008

Wheew... in just about 2 hours, the year will change. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed the year thoroughly. Of course there were some good and bad things but the good overweighed the bad ones. Lol. This is the first time I feel so optimistic. Haha...

The good ones:
- The first few months were pure ecstasy. No school for more than half a year and it was the first new year I got to celebrate at home since I went to study abroad.
- So far, I guess pharmacy is the right choice for me. I have great friends and have great time there.
- My semester result is satisfying and beyond my prediction.

The bad ones:
- Disgusting working experience!
- Some study-related stress
- And the last week of 2007 was not very good for me..

In the new year, I just hope everything can go as well as or BETTER (preferably) than 2007. No detailed wishes because I want everything to be better :) Haha...


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday is ending T_T

Wheew... Time flies so fast. It is less than two weeks till my return to Singapore and about two weeks till the school starts again. There are so many things I want to do, yet there is so little time -_-

I am currently playing Final Fantasy 1 and I am very frustrated. The level of difficulty is just so difficult. The random battles are so frequent and it takes so much time to level up and earn enough money to buy stuff. Haiz... On top of that, there is not sufficient information about how the story goes from the game. Lucky there are game guides. Haha... The omake feature adds more to my stress as I have to meet all enemies and open every single treasure chests. Haiz... I don't think I can finish it.

Sem 1 results were out and I am surprised that I did better than my expectations. Haha, especially Anatomy. My phy pharm was my lousiest subject and it might be due to my poorly done practical reports (I don't think I did a lousy work anyway, I just write as much as the space provided). No complaint though as I managed to keep my scholarship for another semester.

I was afraid that I have gotten addicted to computer and internet. My worry was baseless. Although I am online for an average of 4 hours daily when I am in Singapore, I can survive days without going online home. Oh yeah...

New year is coming. And although I complained so much about the trip to Pontianak, at least I got a wake up call to 'repair' my spiritual life. Yep, at least I got something useful out of the trip. I need to rebuild my life and reset my priorities.

Time table for semester 2 is out. I guess it's time to look at it, prepare my mental for a new semester, and start looking through what modules to bid. Haiz... School is here again...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pontianak (Part 3)

Tomorrow I'll be home again...
Yeah yeah...
I'm so happy that I have nothing much to say.
A cousin of mine has a big mouth and already let the secret out: the next time I am forced to come here, I will not go back home for holidays.
Yeah I pray for a safe flight.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Pontianak (Part 2: Foei Gras)

Yeah, cut me now and my liver will cost a bomb. I have been forced too eat for the past few days. I have durian for every breakfast. Not to mention the red wine, satay, champagne and cakes and ice creams... Really a lot of food being administered to me within very short period of time. Today was the worse, durian and cake at 1030 plus followed by mixed rice at about 1130 and then beef noodle at 1345. What the hell.... I really have a problem, especially the part to eliminate what I have eaten. I think I am constipated or my stomach has increased its capacity that it is able to accomodate 3days worth of food or I am fatter already. Sigh...

2 more days... and I really will have to waste my christmas here. That sucks... Really really sucks. The only consolation for me to agree to come here was to search for Dear Boys Act II volume 20 and I did not get it also. The bookshop here is very incomplete and they have many old comics. There is a cheap comic sale but it is so messy that I could not and did not want to dig through thousands (Maybe there are 10000 plus and I am not joking). I was quite interested in buying Yasha but I could not get a complete set. Never mind...

I regret coming here and anyway Merry Christmas :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pontianak (Part 1)

Yes, it's part I because there will be subsequent parts.

It has been quite some time since I took a domestic flight. My impression is: I won't take domestic flight anymore. The waiting rooms are so crowded, messy, and the air is full of smoke. I had breathing difficulties. Yucks yucks... The airplane has very little leg space and that makes my whole flight experience an agony. It will be repeated again when I fly back. Haiz...

The only interesting experience was when the plane was about to land. Pontianak is not at the seaside (unlike Singapore and Jakarta's airports) so from the sea, the plane travelled towards a vast area of forest. Yeah that made me see how bad the deforestation has taken place. Well, seeing the awesome scenery made me happy FOR A WHILE! Yes, for a while only...

So far I have only been rotting here. I really hate my parents for forcing me to come here. To worsen my suffering, the light went out from 6-9pm yesterday. Holy Fish!!! When I took bath at 9 plus, the drainage system was jammed and I flooded the toilet. Haiz... Haiz...

The thing that made me happy so far was the durian yesterday. I almost ate half of the fruit. It has been ages since I ate non-frozen durian. The durian was still wet and not fibrous. Yummy yummy... It was quite frustrating to clean away my braces after that and I shall think about the extra calories and the extra pimples later on.

This morning my aunt insisted that I look like a Korean actor (I don't know his name but I think he is quite famous because I know his face) which becomes a model for dunno what song. I said no because I could not see any resemblance. Then she said 'the cheek bone and the chin are the same though your eyes are smaller'. Once I get hold of his photo, I shall put it side by side with my photo to see. Hehehe... Maybe I am destined to be a superstar to earn my money...

Aaargh.. I cannot stand the stupid internet connection! I still have 200MB of windows update that I need to download. I guess I have to wait until I return to Singapore to do so. I just want time to quickly flies away while I am stuck in this city. Sianz... 4 more days and 3 more nights.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Early Merry Christmas

Yeah, tomorrow I have to go already. Sucks sucks sucks. It is the worst Christmas ever. Because I am feeling sad, I will not act 'happy', I will just ruin the happiness of other people. I had to rush through my Christmas movies and songs as I have no mood to watch/listen to them once Christmas is over. Haiz... I am very angry to my parents.. I guess I won't be going home again.

I hope yours is merry, unlike mine -____-!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unhappy Holiday

My holiday has been pretty bad so far. Horrible, I would say. My Christmas is confirmed to be another screwed up one this year :( I have been forced to go to a deserted old dumb city with nothing I can look forward to for I don't know how long. Aaargh... I don't want to remind myself about how unmerry my Christmas will be. It is not the first time that I am forced to go and still I am being forced forced and forced. I guess I have to be a bad boy and put up black face for as long as I am there. I am already in no-word term with my parents for the 3rd day today.

I have 4 more episodes to complete my Samurai Deeper Kyo. If I don't rush to complete an anime, I guess I would enjoy watching it more. This is an example. 20 something episode should be able to be finished in 2-3 days but this is my 5th day. I guess it is a bit short for a 38-volume manga but I cannot say which one is nicer because I already forget the manga storyline. But reaching 4 more episodes before the end, some characters are yet to make their appearance. Is it really ending??

Due to the stupid trip I have to do, there is no way I can finish my Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny this holiday. Haiz.. I am planning to play Final Fantasy I. And my Kingdom Heart: Chain of Memories has not ended yet. Everything I do this holiday seems to be useless and does not make me happy. All things I planned to do fail, including that weight-losing and exercise regime T_T

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Songs =)

My mood is ruined because I have to spend my Christmas in stupid kampong -_-* So I just post some very very good Christmas songs =)

Billy Gilman - O Holy Night
Wheew.... This boy is awesome! The track is almost identical with his album. Not 100% perfect suggesting that he is not lip-synching. Cool!

Mariah Carey - O Holy Night
It is the best version of O Holy Night, in my opinion.

Celine Dion - The Magic of Christmas Day
A great original Christmas song that I discovered last year. It's awesome as I hardly find any original Christmas song is good (except All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey).

Links updated on 25/12/2010 :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I am home again. There are some changes, some are for better, some for worse... For an example, the mall in front of my house has opened a new wing in just 5 months time. Bloody cool! Now there are 5 malls in 1 building although I still cannot find where is the Mall #4. However, the escalator in #3 is moved to #5 so I must walk a bit to got upstairs.

I have to get used to the snail-slow connection of my home internet -_-! I cannot even access my own blog as it takes too much time to open all the pictures. I had to change back to classic yahoo mail as the new one takes too long to load. This is just maddening. Now don't even talk about downloading stuff anymore. It makes me cry even to update my antivirus. Haiz... My forum also takes forever to open. Sigh...

My cupboard and my display cabinet are FULL! WTF! I need to think twice to buy new titles of mangas and I need to get rid of some of the 'failures' so as to give space to the nicer titles. My parents will just kill me if they know I am throwing away comics as it is like throwing away money. The rack for my anime artbook is also almost full -_-! My toy cabinet is also almost full! I don't know what thing I can look forward to in my life if I can no longer buy toys, anime books and mangas. PS2/3 is already out of my mind because I have no time to play anyway. Sad life.

My room was occupied by my cousins 1 month ago. Thus, I get a new bolster and bedsheet. They would be shocked if they were given mine! Lol. The problem is, my new bedsheet is white. It will turn brown because of my anti-pimple formulae and I will get the scolding as if I choose to have a white bedsheet. Ah ya, bad news, my anti-pimple facial is no longer in production. I dare not to think about what will happen to my face when my stock is all used up T_T Well, at least plastic surgery is still available.

And sucks... My christmas will suck. My father FORCES (again as usual) to go to Pontianak. Ah I hate it. It's 5 days and it is until christmas. F***! It's not that I don't want to see my granny but the problem is the timing: too long and it disrupts my christmas mood. And I hate to see relatives I don't understand and talk about all the singapore crap. Haiz... I would be like some kind of 'thing' to be shown off to everyone... Pathetic life siah...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Get back to reality

Hahahahahahaha... I'm still all high with all the fun I had this week. It's time to pay attention and repair the damages done in the past week. Lol. Firstly, I hit 62 kg -_-! Will take a lot of effort to lose 9-10 kg when I am home. I don't know if I can lose so much. Well at least I returned back to 55 and I will be happy. With little food, a lot of instant noodle, and a bit of exercise, I think it is possible. Haha... The key is the exercise... How a bit is a bit? Lol.

I am feeling lethargic all through the week. I don't know why. I have enough daily sleep, enough slacking, more than enough food, so I see no reason why I keep feeling sleepy. Muaaaah....

Due to much time outside, I just started packing up last night. It was kinda horrible. I never started this late but hey, everything was almost done. This time around I do not have so many of MY things to be brought back. That's why it was quite fast to pack. Haiz... Half of the luggage is filled of chocolates... My parents are just crazy.. Using me to buy stuff to give away. I am not santa claus. Lol.. My shopping is not done yet. I still need a slimmer laptop back, laptop cooler, some cake for my mum, some doraemon stuff for my sister, pork floss for my other sister, and bakwa for myself. Must finish shopping by 330 today. If cannot finish I take taxi so I have longer time to shop lor. Haha... I just hope it does not rain!!!

WOAH... Yesterday my friend brought me to a very cool toy shop at Marina Square. Don't ask me where but I don't think I can go back there myself. Not only they have cool toys which I never see before at other toy shops, they are having a 30% sale. OH MY GOD! Though I did not get the FF figurines, I bought suikoden figurines in return. I was really tempted to buy the big Shinn Asuka (Gundam Seed Destiny) and I should have bought it yesterday. Now I must ask my friend to help me buy. Sorry but thank you :D haha... That's for your return for headbutting me! I know you will miss me but that's not a reason to headbutt me. Haha...

Now I am feeling pretty guilty for the $325 I wasted to pay for an empty room. Haiz... PGP just wants to make money... I shall not say anymore. I just think that if I homestay at someone's house, the person will also ask me to pay even when I am home and not occupying the room. So yah... Cannot help it so just let it be... Anyway I already work so hard to earn money (yeah...scholarship is no longer a gift now, it's a salary) so I just tell my parents, "hey, I am using my hard-earned money to pay that... I am sacrificing my toys...". Quite bullcrap lah... Cos usually I spent $300+ to buy toys but this semester I only spent about $150. Lol.. And supposedly I used all my scholarship money this semester (though not enough) to buy laptop. Arrrgh... futile way to avert my guilt. The bottom line is my $325 is gone. Hix hix...

I'll be home on Sunday so yeah... I'll be happy.. Aircon, instant-noodle, exercise, anime, manga, radio, cassetes, psx, quarrel with parents, eat nice Indon food... ah... Heavenly...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cannot get any better than this

Huahaha... Life has been great so far. This is what I live for: nice food, entertainment, shopping, and slacking...

On Monday, I had birthday celebration cum exam-is-over celebration cum clique outing at Suki Sushi. So sad of me that I only knew that there is another sushi buffet other than Sakae. I would say Suki is better because the $4.90 plates are included for the buffet. Plus there is dessert! Lol. Stomach was so full already but when the dessert came, I could still stuff in few more plates of it. One food that must be avoided for the next time: Butter Cheese Yaki (Yucky!). It tasted so raw, looked so disgusting, and smelled so smelly.

Tuesday was a mega fattening day. I slept and lazed around until 4pm. Skipped breakfast and lunch altogether and only ate 2 slices of bread and half pack of potato chips. Dinner was Pizza Hut. It was the Jingle Joy Meal. Yeah it was the Christmas special pizza. Lucky that it only contains chicken as my friend whom I went with cannot eat meat. I ate until so full again although it was not as bad as the previous day buffet. Maybe the buffet already 'exercised' my stomach the day before.

The rain did not dampen my mood today. In fact, today is the first time that I watched 2 movies in a day. Haha... In the morning, I watched Enchanted. Woohoo... Disney has not lost its magic for 2D animation. Although the main story line is a standard princess fairy tale, I think the improvisation (although they were computerised, it was pretty disgusting to see the girl touched the rats and COCKROACHES OH MY GOD!!!) and the twists are pretty exciting. My only complain is that the dragon is too dumb (it dies because it cannot fly) and the 'changing partner' twist. It really shatters the real meaning of a fairy tale. But hey...overall, I still enjoyed the movie. In fact, I enjoyed it better than:

The Golden Compass
I wait so long with enthusiasm... And I find it pretty disappointing. Although Nicole Kidman is great (I wish she becomes the witch queen because then she would have more action) and gorgeous, the story is pretty -_-" I think because the atheist author has bad intentions in writing the book so God does not bless the movie... Ok that's crap because the book is a best-seller and I think the movie will make a big box-office too. It's the first part of the trilogy so the ending is quite 'hanging'. But I cannot stand the fact that the little girl is the heroine while she cannot fight blah blah blah... It's just idiotic.

Hmm.. I'm still sad that I did not get the Final Fantasy figurines... No more full set is on sale. I should have not delayed when I saw it a month ago. Haiz... Talking about figurines, I find Code Geass figurines are pretty nice. They make me interested in watching the anime and I just bought the anime books. Wasted my $30 because the books contain scenes from the anime.. I feel cheated. From the covers, they look like they contain original artwork, not scenes from the anime... O well...

I think the trend nowadays is chipmunks! Enchanted has a chipmunk, there is a movie called Alvin and the Chipmunks, and even the Golden Compass girl's daemon (read:demon) also looks like a chipmunk. Only Chip and Dale are missing the spotlight. Lol.

Christmas is near so it's time to prepare for it... (Deck the halls with boughs of holly... It's the season to be jolly and be thankful for all that we have... Oh and God bless us everyone, the good or the bad, the happy the sad...)

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Huaaah... I am very sleepy and tired after the camp. Slept for a total of 7 hours in 2 days. Usually I need >8hours per day. I have a lot of 'sleep debt' to be paid.

The camp was pretty fun, although of course it was inevitable that some people are just gifted with sucky attitude, loud, intolerant, impolite, arrogant, and not to mention childish. Lol, no condemnation because this kind of people are just everywhere. Ok maybe everywhere is wrong because the only example I can give is at school. Haha... Hmm... I am not blaming them because it is not their choice to be sucky and yeah they have their full rights to say I suck also. I am not so desperate to make as many fake friends as possible anyway. I am not desperate. I look for people who can accept me (and whom I can accept) not trying to be accepted by people. And I am luck to be gifted to look into people... So I don't need to waste my money/time or my talent to act friendly to anyone because I can see whether someone is genuinely wanting to be my friend or someone who just wants to suck something from me or to widen his/her personal network. Well, friendster/facebook syndrome... 'Yay I have so many friends I have so many photos.' What shit...

Ok I've been blabbering nonsense. I shall write about the camp. Hoho... for 2.5 days I had free meals and the meals were pretty decent: a HK cafe, mcd big breakfast which does not live up to its name, barbeque (though I ate satay and otah only -_-), and Katong Laksa (I expected it to be damn good or something but I thought it was pretty disappointing. The gravy was quite tasteless, the serving was small, and inside was only few pieces of cockles, prawn, and strips of fish cake. And now I am damn hungry.

I had a great time exercising too. I biked for 2 hours which was not enough because I never reached the dead end of the CBD direction and I only reached Bedok Jetty at the other end. Nevertheless, I felt that my legs muscles were exercised and up to now, I can feel that the shape of the bicycle seat is etched on my butts. Lol. There was an amazing race game and I ran quite a lot. Hohoho... I was confident that yay! I'm gonna lose weight. Immediately I stepped on the weighing machine today and tadadada.... my weight increased! Haiz...

I was pretty stressed upon arrival because I got the bathroom which was in pathetic condition. The water tank of the toilet bowl was dripping and the shower room had no hanger. Lucky the neighbouring chalet had much better toilet. I tried not to go toilet but I failed. Haiz... No choice, had to prepare some space for the laksa.

The nights were pretty exciting. Although some of the games were quite boring, it was still a good way to spend time. I could not sleep after lying down for 45mins in the first night so I decided to join the playing group until 330. On the second night, we ended earlier but in my room, my roomates and I exchanged ghost stories. In the end, the one who was very enthu to say was the one scared most. We slept at about 3.

And the best part of the camp was the gift. Haha... The cathecumens were given rosary. Now I have 3. Haha... I hope the one that I got will not rust (the crucifix is shiny so I am scared that it's a metal or coated-metal...hopefully it's made of steel). My favourite is still my glow-in-the-dark rosary. I guess it's because that's my first one since P6.

Whewww... So long already. We had an angel mortal game and people were just mad. 4 people said I was their angels. The reasons were very lame: stick-man, childishness, boyish handwriting. All like so -_-! I got my angel so easily and she tried so hard to bluff. She even asked someone to write the letter but I was there when she said 'please help to be my scribe'. She gave me a Dars chocolate. Hopefully it is nice. Haha.. My mortal gave me Baby Piglet. This one was pretty hilarious. She and her friend prepared 4 gifts (2 for their mortals and 2 for their angels), they were Baby Pooh, Baby Piglet, Baby Tiger, and Baby Eeyore. When we opened at the same time, it was just damn lame...

Yupz, so overall I guess I enjoyed it. Although I was so pissed because of the bimbotic and childish acts. Nevermind...

Holiday is here. I have prepared the plan for next week. Yay yay yay!!!^o^