Friday, November 30, 2007


Well, it's over!!! It's ho ho holiday time... I don't care. It was another terrible paper but I have a reason to be quite optimistic. During CA, I could only do 14 out of 30. Just now I could do 36 out of 60. More than half... CVS was horrendous... I could only do 3 out of 12 -_- Renal was also quite bad but did not count how many (already too many blanks). Lucky the blood and neuromuscular helped...

1 question that I remembered very well: Question 39. It was about an old man who is bedridden and never eats and drinks for several days. He should have... I was very irritated because I could not find the choice HE SHOULD HAVE DIED already... Lol...

Well, holiday is here. Tomorrow is my church camp and I still have not started packing my stuff. It will be my first chalet. I am excited. Haha... Going to beach to play and more importantly: to cycle. Hehe.. I MUST exercise. 3kg were gained during the exam period. Haiz....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Haiz... It is the most wicked type of paper I ever encountered in my life. You either know the stuff or you don't. There's no way you can eliminate but for sure... the lucky ones will get more correct answers.... Not only it's either 'yes' or 'no', the TRUE and FALSE are everywhere that even you know the true and false statements, you still can shade wrongly because of the question. Haiz... In the end I guessed about 10 qns... Some were 100% guess work as I had no time to see them...

Wasted about 5 mins figuring out how to draw the graph because I felt that I could crap more for qn 1 than qn 2. In the end I didn't know it should be a line or a curve so too bad. Lucky qn 2b was not too bad.

So far, everything has been bad. Everything that I least expected to be tested made up a significant portion of the exam... From stomach in anatomy, tautomers in ppda, and usp+shake flask thing today... Haiz... The ultimate one is the shake flask method. I did not even remember it is called shake-flask... When I looked that page, I immediately flipped over -_- Could crap a bit but the centrifugation part how to crap lor... Lucky I never 'lied' otherwise I wrote 'speed 10g for 60mins'. Confirm gigi knew I never read...

Anyway, it's all over tomorrow... So just wait for the christmas present from NUS.


Could not finish
Could not do well
Could not re-check the mcqs
Could not even count how many mcqs I whacked

Surprisingly I was not as sad and as depressed as Alice in Wonderland...

Monday, November 26, 2007


The papers are just getting worse. Today, 25marks are like -_-!!!

Alice (in Wonderland) tells the cat: "Looking-glass milk isn't good to drink."
How the hell am I supposed to know what she is saying? I never read the book or watch the cartoon... Is this a chemistry subject or a literature subject? Haiz... The notes and open book format do not really help much, although today the notes was much more useful than the previous small tests.

History is made! Today was the first time I walked out of examination hall for a proper/formal exam before the time ended. No point of staying there longer...

Sucks sucks sucks... No point of studying here any longer...

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Finally it's over. All my effort for the past 5 days, my prayers, my sacrifice not to buy toys yesterday so as to quickly come home and not to go online yesterday was completely wasted wasted WASTED! I shall not recall the painful experience and I will just say it sucked! A lot of thing I never expected to come out was tested and the worst among all was the stomach... I got things mixed up, I cancelled away the correct stuff, and I wrote wrong stuff. Damn it la! Gone is this subject.... My only hope to save my cap. Arrgh... The more I think of it the sadder I become. I spent so much time today to dwell in my sadness and tears but I am still sad now. I threw away the notes twice... Wanted to throw the textbook also but I still need it next semester. Haiz... It totally ruined my day that I even lost the tune of the song I am addicted to for the past few days...

Go away stupid anat!

Oops... i forgot the exam question paper!

Haiz... Nevermind... No use crying over spilt milk... I thought I had a lot to write but then -_- My bad day was completed by a plastic plank on the lift which fell onto my head... No worry... Too dumb liao... A few neurons die also makes insignificant difference.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1 year

It's been exactly a year since I started blogging.
Not much nice improvement here since last year.
Maybe I should learn how to put songs or animation here.

If last year I was busy preparing for Biology P1, Chem S, and Phy S, this year I am busy preparing for physiology+anatomy (biology for university level -_-), ppda, and physics-al pharmacy. What a nightmare... A repeated nightmare. Last year I was sick of mugging but I could just rush through everything because the materials for bio had been mugged for almost 2 years (and it was mcq paper) and the s papers were meant for fun anyway (so not so much stress). But now... Although I am also very sick of mugging, I am not familiar with the topics and the pressure is very intense. Study so hard but the following day everything is already forgotten.

Spent more than an hour on phone today but I still managed to hit my target (although renal was speed reading and I did not refer to the textbook). Tomorrow agony begins. 4 days to rush 9 chapters of anatomy. Darn...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yesterday I attended the exam mass. Actually I did not go for the mass but rather to distribute the exam pack I was supposed to give. Haiz.. I was pretty shocked with the rally before the mass. I cannot believe to see fanatism and I was a bit reluctant to go for World Youth Day if it will be some kind of fanatism show... But the moment the Father mentioned about A380...oh well, I don't care! I must go. Haha... My only chance to fly with SQ. A380 some more...

My revision is doomed. I did not go into physio today and did not finish ppda also -_-! What demoralises me even more is that I cannot recall the physical pharmacy notes about log P or the ppda notes I read 2 days before. Haiz... Notice I use 'cannot' and not 'could not' because even up to now I still cannot remember.

Ok, I am rushing to write this before the day is over because it's Janice's birthday. Happy birthday :) :D :P

Can Can
We did play this as harmoc concert encore. A bit unbelievable (the tempo and the fact that the notes are jumpy and very difficult to play using harmonica) but yeah we did that!!!! WOW~!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Surrender....

You know what is best;
Let this be done
or that be done
as You please.

Give what You will,
as much as You will,
when You will.

Do with me as You know best,
as will most please You,
and will be for your greater honor.

Place me where You will
and deal with me freely in all things.

I am in Your hand,
turn me about whichever way You will.

Behold, I am Your servant,
ready to obey in all things.

Not for myself do I desire to live,
but for You - would that I could do this worthily and perfectly!

I give up give up give up! There's no way that I can finish my revision T_T

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad Luck

My bad luck still continues on. Today I lost my transponder and for that I had to pay $40 to get a new one. Haiz... I still cannot believe that I actually dropped it somewhere. I cannot recall where and it is so unlike me because I am not usually this careless. Add that with the $15 in my lost cashcard, I wasted $55 this week :( I hope I get all the bad luck this week and I will be blessed with good luck for my exams. Hopefully... And my bad luck seems to be infecting my friend. He almost lost his file with his notes inside. Thank goodness that he only left it at school canteen and could retrieve it in the end. Haha... The time was a bit late to realise that he misplaced his files but at least I could have Subway for dinner (not to mention the free one hehe...).

Yesterday I was so pissed with myself because I could not do the past year Physical Pharmacy papers even though I mugged for it for the past 2 days. I am really desperate. And my bad habit is still here. I unconsciously vented my frustration to my friend. Haiz... Please forgive me but sometimes I just cannot help it.

I felt much better in the night because I read the info that Spice Girls is reuniting. Oh yeah.... I got the info from the irritating pop-up window which appears everytime I log into msn messenger. This was the first time it gave me something relevant and useful to me. Haha... Although I was glad that they are having a new song, I am disappointed that the song is not very nice. I am not biased in favour of a singer because what I want is the song. Haha... Good song then I like. But maybe I am quite biased for them because come to think of it, not all their songs are nice lah. Haha... I don't know. Now that they are older, they change their images. I don't think Mel B is scary anymore and I am surprised that Geri looks so old (with wrinkles). Aha... she joined back to earn more money to inject botox. Lol... But I hope their subsequent new songs would be nice so that I won't hesitate to buy the album.

Today was the last anatomy lesson. I am a bit sad. Although I don't normally pay attention or care to touch/see the specimen, it is the only time that I can chit-chat/gossip/and bitch with my happy 3G friends. Lol. I hope in the lab sessions for another module in next semester, I would be still with them. Hehe... Additional nice people to talk to.

Ok, I shall sleep now so that tomorrow I can wake up early. I never studied today so I must speed up tomorrow. Haiz... At the rate I am going, there's no way I am going to have enough thermal energy to overcome the primary maximum energy barrier to cross over to the higher-than-average group :'(

A nice show :) just skip the talking part...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's get Cheenah!

Ok ok... too much western music already. Now it's time to get cheenah! The catalyst is my harmoc vcd. Lol. It reminds me how cheenah harmoc is and for whatever activity, there has too be a chinese song (I don't know about Christmas caroling though) but interestingly, we were always to lousy to perform for CNY celebration.

Yu Jian
Was played at Resonance VII and National Day Performance at the Marina South (and nobody watched -_-!)

Zhi Zhu
Was played at Resonance VIII. I have a great memory because I came up with the skit for the concert although (until now) I still don't know what the song is all about. Lol. I was acting also and I told my friend 'Please put your harmoc on your mouth... Just in case I was too nervous or I laughed, please cover me up". Haha... The audience response was damn good and a friend from the audience kept saying funny things when I was supposed to be seriously playing and seriously being dejected. When I put the photo as my MSN display picture, a friend of mine said I was crying. Lol...

Tong Hua
Hua hua hua.... This is a very damn good song... The first chinese song that I allowed to enter my mp3 player. Haha... Was played during Teachers' Day and Open House. The MV is too messy ah.. And the girl sounds very irritating leh... Oh ya... I saw an X ray but there was no nodular opacities in the X ray. So the girl did not suffer from pneumonia. So what was she dying of? Lol

Ok the title of this song is too long and I shall not risk of 'guessing' it. It is a nice song but how come the harmoc people never wanted to play this song? I don't know. Haha...
And we played none of Jay Chou's song. I thought he is damn good? I don't know...

Haha... Stressed over Physical Pharmacy and I am doing this -_-!
And today is 13 of November, it is Fiona Soh Hui Si's Birthday =) Happy Birthday to her and Happy Mugging...


I am not talking about the price of thing that I want to buy. I am not talking about how much I earn per hour. And nope, I am certainly not selling myself for $15. I am very sad today after I realised that I lost my cashcard with $15 inside. Haiz... I think I took it out from the photocopier yesterday but come to think of it, I might only look at how much money remained and I forgot to punch that stupid green button. Nevermind, I shall take it as a donation. Anyway, it is not as sad as being bottom half of the class for exam.

That brings me to my revision. Amazingly, revising physical pharmacy (maybe 'revise' is a wrong term as this is the first time I seriously looked through and tried to memorise) is a bit fast. 1.5 days and I am already in the dispersed system. Unfortunately, I cannot recall what I have learnt previously. I tried to look at the sample questions the teacher gave and I did not know which formula to use or what the meanings of the symbols in the formula. Doom -_-! I have to re-read again from the beginning. Sucks lah...

I give up on my cough! I almost finished this new bottle of cough syrup and there is no improvement. Nevermind, if it is the time for me to die then so be it... Haiz... I am drinking lots of water so that the sore throat won't return and in hope that the cough will be gone. It is just disrupting my night sleep as I need to go toilet in the nights. Haiz... It has also been raining in the past few nights and I had to wake up in the middle of the night to close my windows. Although it is usually too late and everything is wet already. There was one time that the floor near the window was wet, another time my whole table was wet (and I could not be bothered to wipe) though lucky that I did not put my notes at the center of the table that time, and yesterday some other thing was wet. Chey...

So yah the missing cashcard successfully made my day bad. Thanks to my harmoc vcd that I feel better again. Haha... It's kind of good to watch it.

Top of the World

Lol... From bottom half of the class to top of the world is a bit impossible hor.... Anyway, I put this because it reminded me to our Teachers' Day performance. I was wondering what happened to them as they are very good so I checked wiki. Oh gosh... I was so surprised that the girl is already dead. She died in an age of 32 (so young..) because of anorexia. So sad... T_T

There's a Kind of Hush
Another nice song =) I heard this is one of the latest video made before she died. Can see how thin and sickly she looks. Haiz... God just does not make this kind of people with great talent anymore nowadays..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Church Class

I have been lazy to go to my usual church but I have nothing to complain. It has been a great pleasure to attend masses at Holy Cross. 2 weeks ago, I was lazy to attend the 10 mass (because I thought it was 930 and I woke up at 845 so not enough time to prepare) and I attended the 1130 mass. Cool, it was a confirmation mass and finally, I got the chance to see the Archbishop. He spoke with very much gusto and youthfulness, I was a bit surprised to see how old he is as he was standing outside the church after the mass ended. I think that is why he is an Archbishop. He is already old but he still delivers mass like the younger priests.

Last week I attended the service when the whole choir was children. Oh my God. I think it was very interesting. I think it was nicer, purer, and not so fanciful like the usual adults' choir. Maybe because it was the first time I heard a children choir? Perhaps... Haha.. But I applaud the choir groups there because they sing not to chase after reputation of being good choir whatsoever. The conductor leads with a happy face and the songs are always energetic to make the congregation sings with them. Cheem songs are hardly chosen. Haiz... It is a stark contrast with the choir in other church that I used to be a member. And I love the Kyrie Eleison used in this church :D

Last Friday, my RCIY was the church tour. Hoi hoi... It was a real eye opener to get to see behind the altar and stand behind the altar and see the altar from close and to touch the altar. Hehe... I was hoping to see the relic but unfortunately it was embedded in the altar material (I was expecting to see bone fragments or something... it should not be as scary as what I see and touch in anatomy lab). RCIY has been a great journey. It makes me appreciate mass more. I think people should attend this kind of enrichment so that the mass becomes more meaningful for them. Due to exam, I am skipping the sessions on sacrament of reconciliation, marriage, and holy order... Oh well...

Hmm... Class forum is up. And currently, I am still a by-stander. I shall wait until 99 people join and I shall be the 100th. I am highly doubtful about it though. Haha... It is a bit premature to say now (60+ members but only about 10+ people are actively posting) but I guess it is interesting to see how long this survives. I shall give a benefit of doubt that this is exam preparation period so people are busy. I shall wait until exam is over. A great effort and it is a bit sad if it is wasted just because some people are just too shy/lazy to post or too cannot be bothered about making as many friends as possible.

Living with Chem was over today. I shall not comment on that but lucky it was true/false thing. At least not much to write. Haha... Now my mugging shall be full force :( I am very lazy. Haiz... It is a vicious cycle: lousy performance => lazy to study => even lousier performance => even lazier to study => super lousy performance => don't want to study anymore => and it will just get worse. Sigh...

God, help me!!!

Gosh... no wonder the organ looks so familiar. It is in RISEN CHRIST (I recognise the banner WE ARE ONE... IN THE LORD is the other banner on the right side blocked by the organ) !!!! I am wondering whose hands those are. Certainly not mine. Haha...

Friday, November 9, 2007


The weather has been wet for the past few days. It's good but I will be more glad if it does not rain in the middle of my sleep at night. I hate to wake up to close my windows as that means my sleep clock is reset to 0 again. I always see thunder every night and the first night I saw it, I bluffed myself by saying 'the person from the opposite block is switching on his light'. Haha... The nicest weather was on Sunday night. It was a thunderstorm. Wahaha... The wind was so strong and as I was walking to the foyer, there was flooding. Lol... Nice to play with the small pools of water but a bit traumatic if I recall my 'real flood' experience at home.

Yesterday was a black out so it was my turn to go play to my friend's place. PS2! Wow! I don't have that one (will not have and not planning to have one as I don't have time to play) so it was a chance not to be missed. Tekken was quite sianz... and the tennis game was also idiotic. We played doubles but the computer kept trashing us (the highest record was 3 points out of a 6-game set). Crazy. But I enjoyed the Marvel heroes game so much. It is the first game (which I know) that can be played by multiple players cooperatively (I'm sick of competition -_-! At school is enough). I like using Storm :) Although her specials are a bit lousy, I like the fact that she can fly. I don't like the other flying girls because I never see them before (Ms Marvel?? Spiderwoman? What a lame-oh). The game allows the characters to have new attire and although the first 3 that I unlocked for Storm are never-seen-before (including her bald retro style), I hope the final one will be the white one that I am most familiar with.

I am still sick... I have living with chem CA tomorrow. And I spent 2 days on renal physio but I still understand+remember nothing. Sadness...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I am in the mid of Renal -_-! I have been doing that from 10am and until now I am still at the 3rd set of notes. Text book is still untouched. My target to complete renal and respiratory by tomorrow is confirmed unachieved.

I was smsing with my friend in medicine. And I find it amusing and ironic at the same time that last year we were so eager to get where we are right now but after we got in the course of our dream, now we are cursing. That's life. There's nothing easy. And I realise the reason why society here is at the state what it is. The education teaches the people to be individualistic self-centred jerks. It is ironic that during the welcome address of the head of department, she said something about 'working together as a team'. Haha... I think the curve system does not encourage team work. How can you help your friends to do well if that makes your 80% mean a C-grade? In JC people are already 'killing' one another though how others do do not really affect yours. Now?

Wheew... this gives me goosebumps... Celine Dion with her ever divine voice. The Power of the Dream. I like the 'It's the moment that you think you can't, you'll discover that you can'. But does that apply to me? Haha...

Monday, November 5, 2007


My depression made me forget my 'birthday'. 28th of October should be the commemoration of my arrival here 5 years ago. It has been a long time and I am still not sure whether I made the right choice (actually my parents' choice leh.. not mine..) but it is getting closer to make me think that I made a terribly wrong decision -_-!

My physical pharmacy lab reports were like -_-! Bad as compared to the rest (remember, it's a theory of reLAtivity, not reALitivity in uni) although considering the little effort I put for the reports. I think the markers judged based on the length -_-! No fair!!!! I put little effort in writing but I put a lot (really LOT and maybe the most as compared to other people) of effort to fake results (and persuading fellow bench mates to fake too) and make my answer as concise as possible. Lol. Haiz... -_-! The ppda prac test was also out. Not too bad but add that to the CA and I am still below average -_-!

So yup, I finally make up my mind... I realise that I am too dumb to excel here. Anyway I won't be able to get C.A.P of 4.5 and get A+ for FYP. So better don't put unreasonable target and just forget 1st class honour or whatever lah... If only I don't have 'free money' or any pride (arrogance, envy, kiasuness or whatever it is) I would already lead a very happy life from today onwards. Haiz... My parents' fault again... Why give my name which inherently a kiasu attitude... Should name me something along the line of cute -_-!

I am failed as a pharmacist!!! Yesterday I got my first 'patient'. She asked me the name of medication for worm.. Lol. I could not give the answer but I gave advice on how to get it from Guardian without embarrassing herself. Haha... I am also overdosing myself with strepsils since yesterday and until now, my sore throat is still there. In fact, my condition worsens as now I am having cough and sneezing as well. Lucky I nvr die because of overdoses -_-!

I decided to blog again because anyway I am too lazy to study -_-!

Ok... I shall go to bed. How many -_-! I put in today's entry? ELEVEN!!!! (Including the title). I am really really feeling -_-!