Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm ill

I wonder why I am at the verge of falling ill right now. Perhaps I do not get sufficient nutrients from my meal... Or is it because too much radiation from the TV because I watch it too much?? Well, whatever it is, I hope I will not fall really sick and will get better soon.

I have been spending my time 'productively' to watch Prince of Tennis. Whew... now I am reaching at the episodes with the best combinations of opening and ending songs (Fly High and Sakura, respectively). Haha... And I really like this anime even though the skills are getting more ridiculous and unrealistic. It's enjoyable. Haha... I am trying to get some more songs but it is getting more difficult. I was hoping that the Prince of Tennis database at will expand but it is shrinking!!! Darn!!! No hope of getting the newer songs. When I wanted to submit requests, Prince of Tennis is one of the blacklisted title. Basically, the anime with great and many OSTs (Sailormoon, Kenshin, Digimon, Gravitation) are blacklisted due to copyright issues. Haiz... so disappointing. The search using yahoo and google is also futile. One song that I really want to get is the 'victory' song in the anime. It is the background song whenever Seigaku wins. It will be a good ringtone for my handphone. Lol. And after watching the Seigaku vs Rikkaidai parts, I like Fuji now. I think he is the best player (genius!!!). But personality-wise, Eiji is still my favourite character. All right, about 50 more episodes to go. Faster faster!!! I want to start continuing my Final Fantasy 8 game or watching another anime. Hohoho...

Ok! I shall give my eyes break.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm going home ^o^

The title sums up everything that I want to say. Hehehe...

Friday, June 22, 2007


I just got a new knowledge from Donny last night that actually you can tell one's age from the way one dresses up. I insisted that there was no way that people from different age groups who bought the shirt and pants from the same shops would look different. Well, in the end, I guess that there is a difference after all. I mean, now I am not interested in buying, let's say, a shirt with Pikachu or Doraemon print in it. Haiz... Nevertheless I should be more careful in choosing my shirts now. I MUST look young!!! Cannot look old.

Hey hey I realise that there are more green-coloured shirts being sold. Sigh... Though I am happy that there are more choices to buy, I am also sad because that means there will be more people wearing green (and that increases the chance of I meeting someone else at public place who is wearing the same shirt...well Singapore is quite small and the crowded public places are so limited in number). Today I was interested in a striped-green yellow white-shirt at Baleno. Unfortunately, the fabric was the 'hot' type, and it was a POLO-T, not a T-Shirt. Wasted wasted...

My dad is here so now I am working as tour guide again. Too bad there would be no tip this time.. Hahaha... 1 thing for sure, you can always tell the difference between locals and tourist from the amount of shopping bags they carry. And I already want to go home... NUS letter... Please come by tomorrow (in fact, it MUST come by tomorrow)... I don't want to delay my great holiday (and lots of animes to watch) by a week, only to wait for a letter... PLEASE!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My waiting is done!! Today I received the e-mail that I managed to obtain ASEAN Scholarship. Hooray....!!! Bondless scholarship!!! My burden is lifted away slightly as I do not really need to be ultra-careful and ultra-thrifty (pay attention to the word ULTRA) when it comes to money. I hope the traditional mail (via post) about it will arrive soon before Saturday (because on Sunday I have to fly back already).

I wasted my time today. I played computer for 5.5 hours this morning. It started with trying out Takki & Tsubasa album which I bought yesterday, followed with chiong-ing Shining Force (I think a bit more to the end of the game). Haiz...everything was caused by my bloated stomach. Then I felt very lazy to exercise. Aw..never mind!!!

Takki & Tsubasa album is a big disappointment. I hardly find any song good (unlike the previous albums where I immediately liked a few songs just by listening the albums for the first time). Even the bonus DVD is very disappointing. I was expecting the video clips not some behing-the-scene thingy. Worse, there is no subtitle!!! Well, I bought it already so too bad lah.

Just yesterday I was so happy and talked about UFO Baby and today the show already disappeared (replaced with Astro Boy). I can't tell for sure whether it is replaced or it is only shown at the second half of the week. So I better talk about the show at the time slot before UFO Baby and Astro Boy: Ribert and Robert or whatever the title is. It is a very kiddy show but I like the song they sing at the end of every show. The tune is good and the voice of the guy is nice to hear. Haha.. I watch kiddy show so I hope my intelligence level won't degrade.

Yesterday I visited Gramaphone (at Taka B2 level) and I was really surprised to find some anime OST cds (including Prince of Tennis, Gundam Seed Destiny, and Gundam Wing). I think it is not a very 'true' OST albums but hey... the price is only $16.95 each. Much cheaper then $60+ for any anime-related cds at HMV. But I bought none because I think it is more worth it to get the mp3. Hehe.. I already have most of the songs in the Gundam Wing and Prince of Tennis albums. For Gundam Seed Destiny, I haven't heard all the songs yet so I could not decide whether it was worth it to buy. Hmm...but it is a nice place to visit again.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Daa! Daa! Daa!

Or UFO Baby!!! Hey.. that's a new kids' anime that I love to watch recently. Kids Central every weekdays at 3pm (darn... I will miss it today). The stories are totally funny and for joking sake. However, I am very much entertained by the lameness. And although it is quite embarassing, sometimes the stories are so touching that I cry while watching... It is not a new anime for me (I watched the Indon-dubbed) so it was exciting when the first time I watched it here because it made me remember the good old times. Hiks hiks. Unfortunately, the English-dub is very much disappointing. They speak so fast (so sometimes I cannot catch the joke), they anyhow change the name (Kanata becomes Cody??? Miyu becomes Keely??????? Christine and Santa are left like that because those are English names but thank goodness they never change the names of Ruu and Waanya), and the voice of Waanya is so horribly disgusting (not cute!). I shall consider buying the VCDs when the price has dropped even lower. Heh heh...

Talking about the changing of the names, I am very stunned with the gross pirated FF XII (but priced as original) that I bought. The English subs is really a direct translation (in fact direct pronounciation of the Chinese subtitle. The translator clearly does not know about the game at all. Vaan becomes Bang, Ashe becomes Aixe, Balthier becomes Bunnyfair. What the...???!!!! And worse, he/she is blind because some names are pronounced by the Square Enix at the game itself but the subtitle is still wrong (Lhusu Mines becomes Louis Mine, Ondore becomes Angtoru, and the sky city name becomes Bairuba). It's a headache watching it!!!

Okay... I am having a mind-blank again. I don't know what to write. I just bought Takki & Tsubasa's latest album... I want to buy Waterboys (a Japanese movie in 2001) but I think I won't find it anywhere. Ah ya I just watched Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Wheew...lucky that I watched it. Although a newspaper rated it 2 stars only, I think that the film is pretty good (in fact, better than the first one). But I am disappointed that Harry Potter trailer is not out yet :( I want to see it I want to see it!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Relax... Relax...

Fiuh...finally my slack time is bad. Though I do not hate accompanying my aunt and cousins shopping all over the island, I still prefer slacking. Haha... Everything that is too much is not very good. Well, my dad will be here on Thursday and I will be flying back on Sunday. So next week will be a pretty busy one.

I was paying my sleep debt that I did not have the interest in watching Fantastic Four yesterday, at its premiere. I will watch on Monday. My plan to go Novena Church today was also called off because I felt too lazy. I'll just dump and do everything on Monday. This is because I have to go to MOM to register for Labour Court whatsoever. I do not understand why it is so troublesome. Haiz... I am very lazy to settle this thing if must go court blah blah blah... I wonder why my life so sucks... I always meet people who suck... Suck suck suck...

I cannot wait to go home. There are so many animes I want to watch: Prince of Tennis, WeiB Kreuz, and the anime I want to copy from Danny (Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed Destiny, Spiral, and Ranma). I guess I will neglect my PS this time around. Hehe... I am already very bored here. I have ended Lunar Legends and I am sick of Dynasty Warrior (I completed the game 4 times). I guess I won't find another game to play. I have to take a good care of my eyes. My target will be finishing my Final Fantasy XII before Thursday. Whew... although it is a disappointment that I spent $20 for a pirated DVD sold here and that it is not a movie, but rather the collection of FMV from the game, I am still impressed that I can still follow the story. I don't think I can follow the story of Final Fantasy VIII by watching the FMV collection only. Cool game!!! It makes me want to buy PS2 (or PS3) to play the game.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Peaced Peaced Peaced >.<

I am very very pissed.... Although the cause of the pissedness (or pissing???) was yesterday but the strings of bad luck are still on today. Haiz... Yesterday was raining and because I was out for the whole day, my laundry was drenched. I had to re-wash again (although it was only an underwear). Later in the night, I wanted to wash a few other clothes using the washing machine, the washing machine machine was dirty. There was browny sticky thing which was on the slot that never been used before. Because I did not know what the shit that is I washed the whole laundry using hand. Thank goodness my hands are still smooth today. That ended at 1230am.

For the past few days, I have been accompanying my aunt and 2 cousins here. My aunt is coming here for eye operation and eye laser. Ew... I shall not go into the details. This thing makes me think bad things. I am doomed. My eyes are doomed. This aunt is from my dad's side and that means I inherited bad eye genes from both dad and mom's sides. No.......... Gross gross gross... That means I am destined from the beginneing to have bad eyesight (regardless I play computer/playstation or read comics blah blah blah).

So it has been days of endless walking, eating, and shopping. And my biggest bargain was PRINCE OF TENNIS TV SERIES COMPLETE!!!!!!!!! 178 episodes plus the special episodes. That's a total of 23 dvds (and it cost me $99). Sigh... 7 DVDs are problematic. It upset me this morning when I went for an exchange and I felt so bad to scold the very unfriendly temporary staff promoter. How would I not be furious?? I was disallowed to exchange and yet yesterday I was told to just bring the spoilt DVDs. Dammit... Before that I went for the claim of my unpaid salary and there were so many shits I encountered. So yup... it's just a bad day. I am lazy to go into the details.

I only hope that the DVDs I exchanged are fine now otherwise I will be feeling bluer tonight (even though there will be Desperate Housewives). I guess I am just too tired (not because of lack of sleep but lack of afternoon's weird because everyday I still have 7-8 hours of sleep but I am still tired if I do not have a nap.... it's more tiring than sleeping for 5 hours in the night and additional 2 hours of nap) that every small things gets me angry.... Relax, Gary!!! Don't die young. Hahaha....

Monday, June 4, 2007

Wet wet wet

I am irritated by the wet weathers lately. Although it means a cooler air, it always rains at wrong days. It always rains when I want to go out (and thus I cannot move in my laundry if it rains) or when I have a lot of laundry to dry outside. Haiz.. Haiz... Please stop damaging this environment because the climate IS already changing. Usually it is super duper hot in May but this year, rain is still quite frequent in May. I wonder whether the world will really end in 2009.

I am irritated by reviews about Shrek 3. All the reviews say it is not as exciting as the first two but hello... obviously it won't be funny anymore to see the old joke rite? I mean when you see the Puss' cute face for the second time or Sleeping Beauty falls asleep for the second or third time, of course it won't be as funny as when you see those for the first time. They should review more objectively because to me Shrek 3 is quite funny (because I do not watch the first two). Well, everyone has their own rights to say their own views so whatever....

I am super duper mega irritated by the stupid employer who finally decided not to pay me. Although she did not say that explicitly, she kept inventing reasons and excuses. Bloody hell... I hope she goes bankrupt and die liao... I sent a complaint e-mail to MOM and I hope something will happen. Even if I don't get my money, I don't mind as long as she goes to jail. Grrr...

Such a bad thought, ironically after the talk about God and love of Friday's RCIY session. Brother Mike was soooooo gooooood and the talk was soooooo goooooooood that now I am contemplating whether I want to go home or I want to stay here for the sake of attending RCIY sessions only. Well, I'll keep in mind that to be happy, everything is in the MIND, not in the happenings around me. I hope I can lead a happier live.

Game game game... Yeah... there are so many nice games in the GBA emulator. I am playing Lunar Legends and Dynasty Warrior (cool but boring gameplay). I should be playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance too but unfortunately the saved game went missing so I don't want to repeat from the start again because strategy games are so boring, so slow, and so difficult (easy in the beginning but will get more and more hellish towards the middle and will be a complete mayhem at the end).

Friday, June 1, 2007

Shrek 3

I watched Shrek 3 yesterday and I was quite furious with Lido because despite the very long queue (and it was still 11 am), only 2 counters were available. But anyway, I got the ticket so no problem. I did not watch the first two movies so I think this one is hilarious and entertaining (though in the newspapers, the reviews say the third one is getting less funny as compared to the first two). I even think it is better than Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End which I did not understand completely. For Shrek 3, the only part that I did not catch was when Donkey and Puss were transported to each other bodies when Merlin teleported them with magic. I only realised that at the end when Merlin switched them back. Hahaha... The ending was pretty fun though the final battle against the villain was disappointing.... No battle... Just talk talk and verbal persuasion... Phoo... Anyway, overall it is good. There will be nothing interesting to watch until Fantastic Four. It will be out on the 14th of June which means I will be very very bored for 2 weeks.

Hmm...did I say boring? It may not be so. My friend gave the games from his computer yesterday.. Awesome... there are so many games... Pizza Frenzy, Dinner Dash, Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance... I cannot ask for more. If I play them all, they can keep me occupied till university starts. Hahaha...