Monday, January 1, 2007

This should be posted on last wednesday >.<

Yesterday I have a bad day for food. My brunch was an unpalatable crab noodle. I asked my mom to buy me a dumpling noodle but due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a change at the place of eating. So I ended up eating the gross noodle full of seafood (err…I don’t really love seafood). I was so sick afterwards that I didn’t have any lunch. For dinner, my dad brought us to a Manado restaurant. Because I never tasted Rica-Rica before, I agreed. The restaurant was quite sucky. The service was poor. We had to call the lazy waitresses before they served us. Most of the food was spicy. The not spicy ones were hot in my mouth, so there was not much difference between hot and spicy (this is why usually hot and spicy come together as a phrase…). I shan’t eat that kind of food anymore, just once in a lifetime. At least now I know what is Rica-Rica.

I’m starting to get desperate over reading comics. I bought a new title just because the main character’s name is TAMA. Haha…the title is Full Swing Tama. It’s about tennis so I thought it won’t be so bad and it turns out to be quite good. I also bought Aquarian Age (I haven’t read it yet) and Godhand Teru (this one is about a 26-year-old doctor who looks like a teenager). My collection will swell..yippee… Ah and Prince of Tennis 18 was out too! Hurray…

I tried Krispy Kreme. I’m sure it will lose out to J.Co. J.Co is much nicer and has more variety. It is easier to eat (not to filling) and of the okay sweetness, Krispy Kreme’s donuts are quite stuffy (though Dunkin Donuts’ are still more stuffy) and the sweetness will just kill all the diabetics… It will be another one-time experience only.

I attempted to sleep early last night (after watching Love Actually) but I failed because I was stupidly attracted to watch a silly Indonesian-movie. Sucks…that made 3 days straight of insufficient sleep. But Love Actually is quite a good movie, though I don’t get some parts, and a sweet one too. And the small boy is quite cute!!!

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