Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Level

Because I am so free (and have nothing to do), I will do an A level exams re-cap J
It is just another craziness made by me!!! Just enjoy, this is according to me and nothing is serious. I forget most of it already so I just write the few things, which still stuck, onto my rotten mind. I’ll do it according to alphabet.

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 2/5)
Well, bio paper was quite difficult for an MCQ paper. I don’t think can get 2 or 3 mistakes only. However, since it was the last paper I cannot give a damn about it. Lol.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 2/5)
Hmm…the paper was not really difficult but I didn’t have the time to finish it. And worse, I took the risk that 1 point would be awarded 1 mark. Hopefully it would be like that. This was the first paper (Hahaha…GP is not considered as a subject which needs a lot of preparation) so maybe the ‘excitement’ may play a role in the bad performance. Honestly, I only did not finish 2 or 3 marks but if everyone could finish…. -_-!!!

Paper 3 (Level of Difficulty: 3/5)
Sucks…that’s all that I’ve got to say. 6 marks for describing binary fission??? I’m really clueless about that. Not many chose that essay so hopefully I didn’t write too badly among the scripts. The structured questions were rather bad too. There was seriously insufficient time to complete. I was too kancheong and could not think properly. All the suggest questions were gone case.

So overall bio was not really good. I have a phobia since secondary school for biology so hopefully this time everything is bad. For O level I only got an A2 (wtf) but that time was because I didn’t study properly mah… Well, I keep my fingers crossed.

It is ridiculous!! I don’t know why the papers were so manageable. It may be because the school exams were too tough but if I compare with the other subjects, chemistry was a joke!!

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 1/5)
There were some pretty tricky questions but overall, it was okay. A piece of cake as compared to the choking midyear paper.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 0/5)
It was ridiculously easy. I am not being arrogant or what but only for this paper that a lot of people claimed that they could get full marks. 1 or 2 marks gone and people were already shouting as if they would get an F! So I suppose it is better that there was no paper 2 because it didn’t serve the purpose of distinguishing the good and the better students. Ah but I remember that I put “amide linkage” instead of “peptide linkage”… I was a bit rushing near the end so when they put the amide at the bottom side (not right side), I thought it was a side chain. I didn’t pay attention or count the number of –NH2. Ok la..1 mark only.

Paper 3 (Level of Difficulty: 3/5)
To me it was okay because the school’s prelim was hell. Though some said that it was not so simple, I think it was good that there wasn’t any surprise here, unlike last year halucidation. I did a careless mistake!! >.< Ratio of 1:4 and I wrote that the percentage is 25%. Uurgh!!!

Paper 0 (Level of Difficulty: 10/5) I couldn’t do… I was unlucky that I chose the difficult questions… I didn’t finish….there were about 30m left empty… So I AM DEAD!!!!

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 3.5/5) It was quite crazy. They lumped all the hardcore topics together in this paper. Thankfully they were nice that most of these hardcore were showing questions. So as long as I got to show I can be confident that I got it correct. This paper left me breathless. Quite shocking and unexpected.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 1.5/5) It was a redeem for the killer paper 1. No real problem here and I got all the C.C (continuity correction) correct J The section A was not too bad, O level standard (trigo stuff which was not really easy to solve). Maths was great. This is my 2nd most hated subject after bio. In the end, it was not too bad so I guess I kinda of love maths again. Hahaha…

This is the subject of and for the PSYCHOS!!! I was fuming and am still fuming now if I recall about it. All the papers were really beyond expectations and abilities of normal human beings.

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 3/5) The easy ones were easy but the tricky ones were tricky!! For example is question 4, the stupid terminal velocity graph (freak!! I got it wrong), then the gravitation question which is still debatable up to now, and there are still about 2-3 trap questions which I can recall now. To make things worse, Physics MCQ questions worth 2 marks each.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 4/5) This was a PRACTICAL paper which should have been tested in the lab! Every question had GRAPH to read (fiuh…not to plot thankfully) and find gradient and that stuff. There were questions which only left the students scratching their head such as: define radian [2m] (hallo…we are never been asked to define it in maths). In conclusion, it was a mad afternoon paper and the noise level after the paper was the worst (the CPE scolded 2x). It was even noisier than the last paper when people were celebrating the end of the A level exams.

Paper 3 (Level of Difficulty: 4/5) I say that this is an AS level paper (half A and half S paper, not ass thank you). The fluid question of finding ratio the densities of sea and fresh water was like an S paper question. They only give a chunk of info and everything is in terms of variables. So you can’t be sure with your answer. I plotted 2 graphs wrongly and I think I chose the wrong questions… Bad bad bad….REALLY REALLY BAD!!! These experiences make me sure that definitely engineering is a big NO NO for my future career. I cannot even handle the JC standard.

Paper 0 (Level of Difficulty: 4/5) Surprisingly, S paper was much ‘easier’ than the core paper (maybe there was a swap in the paper). Surprisingly I could do all the section B questions (I mean the 3 questions that I chose) and only 2 questions of section A that I was completely thoughtless. The rest I obtained the answers although am not confident about it. I hope I will get a distinction. My senior said last year was also easy. She expected a Distinction and she got Merit. So it’s luck here. Ah ya, there is something memorable here. Before the paper began, the CPE said “No worry. It is for fun”. Gosh…S paper is for fun??? Siauw… It was because we were given so many pieces of paper and we were so kancheong to write our names on every single piece of it.

Last but not the least (or the easiest) GP Paper 1 and 2 (Level of Difficulty: ….it’s beyond my ability or my scale…sorry) I hate GP I hate GP I hate GP!!! I have no other words to describe how cruel GP papers were. The essays were horrible. I think 80% of Singapore chose technology question. It would be a pity for the weaker students like me. My language just pure sucks… It was an unfair paper and there was no point of preparing specific themes to write. I didn’t find any particular theme came out. So if 2005 paper offered so many doable questions, this year I was confused because there was not much of an option there to choose. Btw, I prepared for environment, economic, and poverty. So my effort is a waste. I hope I still can get a B for the final grade (God..I hope for a miracle for an A). Paper 2 made me cry (literally). I could not comprehend what the summary and the AQ asked. So basically half of the paper was gone. I did not complete both parts and the vocab would be a 0/5 I suppose. It was a disappointment as the first few questions were give-aways.

In all, the A level this year was the hardest as compared to the previous years… It was very unfair and unkind for a rabbit like me to compete with all the mighty dragons. There’s nothing much to do right now except to pray for the best. I’ve done my best (I think….) and the rest is God’s work.

0/5: Might as well give everyone a full credit for it
1/5: A tickle for my neurons
2/5: Ok if there was more time
3/5: Tricky but still manageable
4/5: Crazy
5/5: O ow…can’t even guarantee my A >.<

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