Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Oooh La La!!! Yeah yeah yippee!!! Finally, after 16 days since I came back, I lose 1 kg. Hahaha… It is very little but to me it means a lot to me. Hopefully I won’t gain the weight back but lose some more. Lol…

Yesterday I managed to do something with my lucky draw mp4 player. As expected from a China-made product, I will say that it quite sucks. It is difficult to navigate and not user-friendly. What is being mentioned in the booklet cannot be found in the manual CD or even the actual function of the player. I cannot even listen to the songs while seeing the pictures inside. It's just weird! Hmm...it's a free stuff so I guess I cannot complain so much about it.

Christmas is coming near and I am getting more excited about it. Haha...though I don't celebrate it, I always enjoy watching Christmas cartoons and listening to Christmas songs. I love especially Disney's, Billy Gilman's, Charlotte Church's, Mariah Carey's, and Celine Dion's Christmas songs. They have great voices!!!

It's already the mid of December and I wonder who won the bid for Sentosa IR. I hope it's Genting because it has the Universal Studio or something. That's something!! I mean who gives a damn if you offer the biggest aquarium or oceanorium or whatever you call it. Who will be so interested to see the fish?? Haha..although the volcano design is nice too :) But the red weird thingy is definitely out of my preferrence. Haha..so much fuss about the casino thing and yet it is not the main attraction la. Too much focus on the unimportant stuff. After I played a casino game in a handphone, I'm sure I won't gamble because I always lost all my money in 3 times I repeated the games.

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